sex positions that make women orgasm

8 best sex positions that make women orgasm

If you ever thought about what the best sex positions that make women orgasm are, then you have something in common with most of humanity. It’s not only men who have tried to figure it out, but women also want to know what to instruct their men to do. Most women don’t

how to make women orgasm

how to make women orgasm like never before

Millions of men around the world have wondered about how to make women orgasm. Some have tried, and most have failed. The good news is that there are several techniques men can use to increase their chances of giving women an orgasm. If you follow the guidelines in this article

wife swap

my husband suggested that we wife swap

If somebody had told me two months ago that I would be involved in a wife swap, I would have burst out laughing
Charles had always tried to spice up our sex life. First, it was anal. Then, he wanted a threesome. I wondered what would be next.


threesome: An unintentional but pleasant surprise

A threesome had swirled around my mind for some time. The only problem was finding two hot guys who knew each other and wanted me. A friend had suggested that I join a gym to meet guys. Three months had passed since I tasted dick, so I was desperate enough to overcome laziness