erotica lust published a self-help book

Erotica Lust published a self-help book

In 2013, I read a book about overcoming fear. It was a bestseller, but I was surprised at the mediocre writing. I figured that I could write a better book that would detail my transformation from being afraid to take risks to embrace

intimacy during global travel

Finding intimacy during global travel

Don’t make excuses for not being intimate during global travel. Travelling is one of the best times to get nookie. It has several intrinsic advantages over finding intimacy in your hometown. You need to embrace the unknown and use it to your advantage.

erotica lust celebrates second anniversary

Erotica Lust celebrates second anniversary

In the last two years, I’ve published more than 100 short stories and articles on Erotica Lust. The blog’s visitors have tripled, and I updated every story with audio. I even published two books in 2021. I’ve spent a tremendous amount of time, effort and money to produce free content.

help a writer out

Help a writer out to get free content

Erotica Lust celebrates its second anniversary in March. The site’s readership has more than doubled, and I even published a free book for our readers. I also updated all the stories with audio. All of that costs money, and the site’s annual subscription fees are due.

most popular short stories and articles

The most popular short stories and articles of 2021

It’s been a year of growth and an introduction of new products for Erotica Lust in 2021. Not only did I start an Erotica Lust Podcast, but September was the debut of my erotic suspense novel, My Wife and Girlfriend. I published short stories and articles every Friday

get a hall pass for a night

How to get a hall pass for a night

A hall pass, in a sexual context, refers to a partner receiving permission from their significant other to have sex with somebody else. People give their partners a hall pass for several reasons, including a lack of sexual desire for their partner but not wanting them to be sexless

sex bucket list

Wild Ideas for your sex bucket list

Many of us fantasise about doing certain sexual acts that may seem taboo. The thing about taboo topics is that numerous people have done them, and they have become normal to those people. You should live while you’re alive, and that means completing your sex bucket list.