places people admitted to having sex

Weirdest places people admitted to having sex

When Americans were surveyed about their sex lives, information about places that people admitted to having sex was discovered. More than half of the participants admitted to having sex outside of the bedroom, and some had answers that may even give you ideas.

how to suggest a threesome

How to suggest a threesome to your partner

Let’s face it, most of us have thought about having a threesome whether we were single or in a relationship. It’s something new, fun, exciting and so hot. Having a threesome poses several challenges, especially if you’re in a relationship. Your partner might not be up for it

nye sex without going to a club

Places to find NYE sex without going to a club

We’re days away from 2021, and most of us want to end the year off with a bang. Whether you’re not a nightclub person or are restricted from going there, you can still get laid without waiting in long queues, paying an entrance fee and feeling irritated because someone bumped

sex interest increases during the festive season

Why sex interest increases during the festive season

Studies have proven that sex interest increases during the festive season. That makes sense because every year, more and more people are born in August or September. It seems that their efforts are paying off. What is it about the festive season that makes most people feel friskier

embarrassing sex stories part 2

My embarrassing sex stories (part 2)

I wrote about my first embarrassing sex story in part 1, and since there have been quite a few, I thought I’d write an embarrassing sex stories part 2. The gym is a great place to pick up women. I know some guys are worried about disturbing women or not interrupting their workout

embarrassing sex stories

My embarrassing sex stories (part 1)

It’s never easy to discuss one’s embarrassing sex stories, especially when the whole world can get a preview. Some of them shouldn’t even be called sex stories because the embarrassment happened just before we were supposed to have sex. Construe it how you will, but here is the first one.

erection problems

What to do when you’ve got erection problems

Erectile dysfunction is so common that billion-dollar industries have developed as a result. Having problems getting an erection not only affects your physical performance, but it also causes mental distress. A man can feel emasculated as a result of suffering