sex interest increases during the festive season

Why sex interest increases during the festive season

Studies have proven that sex interest increases during the festive season. That makes sense because every year, more and more people are born in August or September. It seems that their efforts are paying off. What is it about the festive season that makes most people feel friskier

embarrassing sex stories part 2

My embarrassing sex stories (part 2)

I wrote about my first embarrassing sex story in part 1, and since there have been quite a few, I thought I’d write an embarrassing sex stories part 2. The gym is a great place to pick up women. I know some guys are worried about disturbing women or not interrupting their workout

embarrassing sex stories

My embarrassing sex stories (part 1)

It’s never easy to discuss one’s embarrassing sex stories, especially when the whole world can get a preview. Some of them shouldn’t even be called sex stories because the embarrassment happened just before we were supposed to have sex. Construe it how you will, but here is the first one.

erection problems

What to do when you’ve got erection problems

Erectile dysfunction is so common that billion-dollar industries have developed as a result. Having problems getting an erection not only affects your physical performance, but it also causes mental distress. A man can feel emasculated as a result of suffering

one-night stand with a woman

How to have a one-night stand with a woman

Many men have fantasised about having a one-night stand with a woman, and some have managed to get it right. Whether deliberately or subconsciously, they took certain steps that ensured their success. Taking those steps every night won’t ensure a one-night stand

men and women love doggy style

5 Reasons why men and women love doggy style

There are numerous sex positions that satisfy both genders, but it’s common knowledge that most men and women love doggy style the most. Metro reported that doggy style had been voted as UK’s favourite sexual position. So, what makes it so pleasurable?

ways women can increase their sex drive

5 ways women can increase their sex drive

A low sex drive might’ve been more common amongst men, hence the invention of Viagra, but many women who have also experienced a slump in their desire to have sex. Otherwise referred to as libido, a sex drive is the amount of desire a person has for sexual activity. If you thought that

kinky sex fantasies

Kinky sex fantasies men want women to explore

It’s not a secret that men think about sex often. Sex isn’t on their minds all the time, contrary to popular belief, but it does take up a significant amount of their time. There are numerous fantasies that men conjure, such as women dressing up in nurse outfits to domination