special one that gets away

It’s always the special one that gets away

Just before graduation, Ross’s band had started to make airwaves. Radio stations had played his songs for several months, and now that he turned 18, he and the rest of the band could legally perform in nightclubs. The coming Friday was their first gig.

using my curves

Using my curves to get what I want

After graduating with an Honours in Economics, I studied to become a Certified Financial Analyst. My fascination with finance led me to become a trader at Brookestone Investments. I didn’t want to be one of those social media bimbos who flaunted her ass to reach high stations.

sleeping with married women for revenge

Sleeping with married women for revenge

Macy’s head snapped up, and she shot out several consecutive screams as I pounded her hard in the ass. I bit my lip and grabbed her shoulders, thrusting my hips vigorously. She let out a few grunts, sounding like an infusion of pleasure and pain. A cunning smile appeared on my face