not settling for anyone

Not settling for anyone but Mr perfect

I planned out my week perfectly. Mondays and Tuesdays were reserved for dates because they were the slowest days of the week. Wednesday was my session with Dr Gilligan. Thursday was reserved for friends. The weekend was for meeting men, and Sunday was for family.

single mother got her groove back

How a single mother got her groove back

I watched Zane walk towards the school gate on his first day. He was the biggest blessing of my life, and to this day, I struggled to understand how his father could abandon him. I guess his slutty secretary had more power over him than I thought. Although Zane’s dad left us

instant attraction delayed our true feelings

Instant attraction delayed our true feelings

After chatting up two blondes at the hotel lounge, I decided to head to the usual Friday spot. It was a pub next to the stock exchange offices. The bouncer held up his hand, indicating that I should wait for the people who walked in to squeeze in through the throng before letting me in.