dad and son hunt together

Dad and son hunt together for upmarket ass

I looked down onto 5th Avenue from my 30th-floor penthouse. Cars had saturated the roads, and pedestrians formed a throng that looked like they were moving at a snail pace. As I grabbed the railing and scanned the skyscrapers, I noticed in my peripheral that my jacuzzi was bubbling up like

affair showed us our true feelings

An affair showed us our true feelings

“It’s not even a shock anymore, Harry.” “Come on, Kristen. Don’t be like that.” “Oh, so now, I’m the guilty one?” “We’ll talk about this when I get home.” Kristen hung up, feeling despondent about ever rekindling the spark in their marriage. They were supposed to meet up for dinner, but Harry

having fun while searching for mr right

Having fun while searching for Mr Right

Another weekend, another club. Bar-hopping and checking out the latest club had become my routine for the last several months. I had pretty much given up on finding the man of my dreams after my ex of three years cheated on me. Despite feeling exasperated, I kept a little hope

spiced up our marriage

A homeless hottie spiced up our marriage

As the alarm buzzed, I peered at the ceiling and felt like somebody blasted a hammer on my forehead. Yesterday’s bad news had once again spiced up our marriage, but not in the way it should’ve. It also had depleted the energy from my body and made me want to stay in bed