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“Sir, you wanted to see me.”
“Tracey, come on in.” I crossed my legs and smiled after I sat in front of Mr Wynn. “Mark received terrible news yesterday. His dad passed away.”
“Oh, my.” “Yes, he’s distraught and had to go on compassionate leave.”

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An innocent girl experiments with a lesbian

“Hey. Are you okay?” asked the driver. She had the whitest teeth I had ever seen, and skin that looked more delicious than any chocolate. Something about her smile made me think that she was innocent and needed company just as much as I did. I looked at the road ahead and saw

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5 Reasons why men and women love doggy style

There are numerous sex positions that satisfy both genders, but it’s common knowledge that most men and women love doggy style the most. Metro reported that doggy style had been voted as UK’s favourite sexual position. So, what makes it so pleasurable?

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Meeting a hot Asian mail bride in USA

‘Looking for a hot Asian mail bride?’ That was the standard heading for my online dating profile. Most men did not bother engaging by asking me about my favorite movie or color. They initiated the chat by telling me how they loved my long dark hair and slim body. I pursed my lips