erection problems

What to do when you’ve got erection problems

Erectile dysfunction is so common that billion-dollar industries have developed as a result. Having problems getting an erection not only affects your physical performance, but it also causes mental distress. A man can feel emasculated as a result of suffering

one-night stand with a woman

How to have a one-night stand with a woman

Many men have fantasised about having a one-night stand with a woman, and some have managed to get it right. Whether deliberately or subconsciously, they took certain steps that ensured their success. Taking those steps every night won’t ensure a one-night stand

rough sex with an indian

Once-off Rough Sex with an Indian woman

Another Thursday meant that I was doing the same routine – walking around a Johannesburg casino, hoping to get laid. Not having a job or a desire to look for one granted me time to hunt women. I looked around and saw quite a few Indian women. There was something about their

mature japanese woman

Mature Japanese woman has a kink for tourists

After being with quite a few of them, I realised that most of my guests enjoyed being with a mature Japanese woman such as myself. Then again, I also enjoyed the non-attachment of having sex with tourists and never seeing them again. It’s not that I didn’t want a long-term relationship

german male stripper

German male stripper gave me an orgasm

“Sir, you wanted to see me.”
“Tracey, come on in.” I crossed my legs and smiled after I sat in front of Mr Wynn. “Mark received terrible news yesterday. His dad passed away.”
“Oh, my.” “Yes, he’s distraught and had to go on compassionate leave.”

innocent girl experiments with a lesbian

An innocent girl experiments with a lesbian

“Hey. Are you okay?” asked the driver. She had the whitest teeth I had ever seen, and skin that looked more delicious than any chocolate. Something about her smile made me think that she was innocent and needed company just as much as I did. I looked at the road ahead and saw

men and women love doggy style

5 Reasons why men and women love doggy style

There are numerous sex positions that satisfy both genders, but it’s common knowledge that most men and women love doggy style the most. Metro reported that doggy style had been voted as UK’s favourite sexual position. So, what makes it so pleasurable?