erotica lust published a self-help book

Erotica Lust published a self-help book

In 2013, I read a book about overcoming fear. It was a bestseller, but I was surprised at the mediocre writing. I figured that I could write a better book that would detail my transformation from being afraid to take risks to embrace

intimacy during global travel

Finding intimacy during global travel

Don’t make excuses for not being intimate during global travel. Travelling is one of the best times to get nookie. It has several intrinsic advantages over finding intimacy in your hometown. You need to embrace the unknown and use it to your advantage.

special one that gets away

It’s always the special one that gets away

Just before graduation, Ross’s band had started to make airwaves. Radio stations had played his songs for several months, and now that he turned 18, he and the rest of the band could legally perform in nightclubs. The coming Friday was their first gig.