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After my parents passed away, I ran my family’s empire. My great-grandfather had started a small media company, which grew into a global corporation, and the business became more successful with each generation. I was determined to make it a bigger success to make my parents proud. It was the least I could do to honour my family’s name.

My father told me to be careful about marrying the wrong man because I might have to share the family wealth with him if we divorce. That was the last thing I would do. I was reluctant to get married just for that reason. That’s why I never let my relationships get serious. I’d appreciate the good bang that men gave me, but I moved on to the next one before I developed serious feelings.

I was too busy to fall in love. Running the business took up most of my time, even my weekends. When my pussy got wet and craved a big stick, I’d go to a cocktail bar and choose the most alpha male. A couple of guys banged me really well, but I treated the encounter for what it was—a one night stand.

As much as I tried to bury my desires, I couldn’t suppress the urge to make a connection with a man. My mother fell in love with my father and was happily married to him for forty years. The same happened to my grandmother. So why shouldn’t I open up my heart to a man?

Burying myself in work had made me believe that I would never meet him. What opportunities did I have? I wasn’t going to get involved with a client, and the bar flings weren’t an option.

Working late one night, I heard a clamour from the server room. I thought it was strange because I was always the last to leave the office, so I went there.

I popped my head into the room and saw a man bending over in front of the servers.

“Hi, can I help you?” I asked.

He turned around and smiled. “Hi. Sorry about the noise. I dropped the cover.” He stepped forward, smiled and extended his hand. “I’m Jarrett from Hi-Tech.”

“Oh, right. I forgot you guys were coming. I’m surprised you’re still here.”

“I did a couple of checks and some backups. Then, I spotted another problem that took me a while to fix, but all’s good now.”

“Thanks for fixing it, whatever it was,” I smiled nervously.

Something about his smile and posture made my heartbeat speed up. His chest stuck out, and he had his shoulders rolled back. His confident stance made it seem like his groin was bulging, or maybe that was wishful thinking. Jarrett wasn’t the typical alpha male I was accustomed to, but something about him made me want to know more.

“Can I get you something to drink? Water, coffee?” I asked.

“Water’s good.”

We chatted for an hour in the kitchen. Jarrett made me laugh numerous times, and I couldn’t resist touching his forearm a few times and smacking his shoulder lightly when he got too cheeky. He was so funny. I never would’ve expected an IT guy to have that much charisma.

Jarrett waited for me to pack my bag and then escorted me to my car. I love gentlemen. At the car, he said, “I really enjoyed talking to you. I’d love to continue this conversation over a drink.”

I smiled and said, “That sounds lovely.”

We met at a dingy craft beer bar two nights later. It wasn’t my usual hangout, but Jarrett’s fascinating stories made me forget my surroundings. My perpetual smile and leaning in must’ve shown him that I was invested in the conversation. I couldn’t wait to hear the next thing out of his mouth. He made me feel that he could make a conversation about a leaf fascinating.

We didn’t have sex that night. I felt that he was more special than the fling guys, so I wasn’t going to put out on the first night. I wanted to see where things with him would go.

Jarrett took me to a fancy steakhouse on the second date, and the third one was at a park. He packed a basket with sandwiches and fruit salad, my favourite. He was definitely full of surprises, and I loved it.

After the fifth date, I felt that he deserved a reward for his efforts. We went to my place and made out on the couch. After I sucked his dick, I bent over the dining lounge table. I had always wanted to get banged there. I never knew why, but I guess it was a fetish.

He stuck his dick into my pussy and grabbed my shoulders, then thrust hard. My head snapped up off the table, and my forehead wrinkled as I shot out a scream. I never would’ve imagined he banged with such gusto just by looking at him.

Jarrett grabbed my hair and pulled it back. It hurt me slightly, but I enjoyed his aggression. He spanked my ass and told me to call him daddy. That made me feel submissive and in the arms of a real man. I loved his wild temperament.

“You like that, huh, you naughty girl? he asked.

“I do. Give it to me hard.”

Jarrett’s balls smacked against me, and I loved that sound. His dick drilled my wet pussy, and I couldn’t get enough of it. He squeezed my shoulders and ramped up the pounding. My eyelids lowered, and I panted. I felt that I would pass out. That was the best bang I ever got.

He pulled back, and I straightened my back and then faced him. His vehement expression told me that he wasn’t done with me.

I lay on the table and opened my legs. Jarrett hooked my heels onto his shoulders and grabbed my waist, then thrust. I clenched my teeth and wrinkled my forehead as he drilled me. I closed my eyes and screamed, then begged him for more. I couldn’t get enough. He kept up the rapid pace for some time, then grimaced and shot his load inside me.

We continued having sex for the next few months. I couldn’t deny that I had developed strong feelings for him. Jarrett was everything I wanted in a man. He was considerate, affectionate, funny and knew how to bang my brain out.

After a year of dating, I asked him to move in with me. I had never lived with a partner before, and I thought he was the right guy to try it with.

Our arrangement worked perfectly for both of us. He understood that was my house, and he was a guest. I told him to make himself comfortable but to know that I was the boss.

A year after living with him, I admitted to myself that I was in love with him. I hadn’t told him, but I suspected that he knew. Some time later, he professed his love for me and told me he wanted to marry me.

I thought about his proposal every day for months. My heart begged me to do it, but my stupid head told me not to make that mistake. I thought a prenup would secure me financially, but I had doubts. My family’s wealth was at stake, and I was uncertain that I could risk it.

I tried to delay my answer for as long as possible, but I sensed that Jarrett wanted to know where he stood.

On Friday morning, I packed my bags for a weekend getaway and left a note on the table. It read:

Dearest Jarrett

You are an amazing man, and I am so happy I met you. Meeting you was a dream come true and living with you showed me that I’m capable of sharing my life with someone special. But I’m not sure that I could ever do that, as much as I want to. Too much is at stake, and I simply cannot risk it. My love for you means the world to me, but nothing is more important than my family.

Please, understand that I feel this way, and accept my decision. I wish it could’ve worked out differently. I wish you all the best for the future.



I returned home on Sunday afternoon and saw that Jarrett had moved out. I slumped onto the couch, and tears poured out of my eyes as my shoulders trembled. I had never felt weaker and hopeless. Eternal loneliness seemed inevitable.

I called my lawyer the following morning to ensure that my assets were protected.

“How long did he live with you?” he asked.

“Two years.”

“Did you have a legal document in place to state that your assets belong to you and he can’t acquire ownership at any stage?”

“No, we weren’t married. That’s not necessary.”

“Well, actually, it is under cohabitation law. If you lived with someone for two years or longer and didn’t have such a document in place, your partner has rights. How much, is for the courts to decide.”

“You’re kidding?”

“I’m afraid not.”

“Let’s hope he doesn’t seek legal counsel,” I said.

“I wouldn’t risk that if I were you. If he does take you to court, the judge could rule that he’s entitled to half of your belongings.”

“What? I can’t allow that.”

“Then, make him an offer. I’d say start with $5 million, and if he doesn’t accept that, make a final offer of $10 million. He’ll take that, and that’s barely one per cent of your wealth. You won’t even feel that pinch.”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right. Send him an offer, and let’s see what he says.”

Two days later, my lawyer called me. “Jarrett rejected the offer,” he said.

My eyes closed, and I sighed. “I thought he would. So I guess we’ll have to offer him $10 million and hope he accepts.”

“That won’t be necessary. He doesn’t want anything from you. He said the only thing he ever wanted was to spend the rest of his life with you, and no amount of money will replace that feeling.”

I dropped the phone and bawled my eyes out.



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