Don’t make excuses for not finding intimacy during global travel. Travelling is one of the best times to get nookie. It has several intrinsic advantages over finding intimacy in your hometown. You need to embrace the unknown and use it to your advantage. Keep the following tips in mind to increase your chances of finding a bed partner while abroad:

Language Barrier

People in most countries speak, at least, basic English. If you come across someone who doesn’t speak English, use basic words and speak broken English. You’ll be surprised as to how much that helps locals understand you. Use hand gestures to demonstrate what you mean.

Make a connection with the person before rushing to use Google translate. Even if the person doesn’t fully understand you, keep communication verbal and use your body. The person you’re targeting is less likely to be attracted to you via a translation app.

Don’t let the language barrier prevent you from approaching a local. For all you know, that person could be looking to meet an English native because they want to learn the language. You can even use that in the conversation as a reason to meet up.

The Advantages of Global Travels

You’ve arrived in a new country. Almost nobody knows you, so you’re free to roam. Travelling abroad allows you to let loose because you subconsciously know you’re leaving. If you make a fool of yourself while abroad, you’ll forgive yourself easier because the chances of running into the people you embarrassed yourself in front of are minimal.

You feel more relaxed if you travel abroad specifically for vacation. That’s when you want to have fun without judgement. If you travel alone, you won’t worry about your friends judging you for hooking up with several strangers or stories spreading about you at home.

Most locals love foreigners and tourists, especially in third-world countries. They may perceive you to be wealthier than them, better travelled and more experienced—qualities many people find attractive.

Some locals also wish to hook up with foreigners who look different from them and have a different culture. Just because a certain nation is known for its conservative culture, it doesn’t mean that the locals aren’t looking for someone adventurous. You might be the perfect person to help them step out of their shell.

Where to Find Locals

Don’t let daylight be your excuse not to approach a sexy person. Bars and nightclubs aren’t the only places where locals seek foreigners. Whether you’re walking down the street or shopping, use all locations to meet attractive strangers.

You can ask for directions if you’re uncomfortable expressing your attraction to a person. Ask them about tourist attractions they’d recommend or the best places to eat. The point is to engage them in conversation and reveal some things about yourself so that they don’t feel you’re a complete stranger when you ask for their contact information.

The locals knowing that you’re a foreigner may help convince them to meet up with you because some are also looking for no-strings-attached fun. They may feel more comfortable being intimate with you than a local because you’re leaving.

Just be careful. Keep your belongings and yourself safe. Avoid unfamiliar and dangerous places.



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