In the last two years, I’ve published more than 100 short stories and articles on Erotica Lust. The blog’s visitors have tripled, and I updated every story with audio. I even published two books in 2021.

I’ve spent a tremendous amount of time, effort and money to produce free content. Writing is my passion, and I’m happy to share my stories with you. I appreciate that you visit my blog, and I’ll keep publishing free content for you.

Running this blog and publishing books comes with expenses. Nothing would make me happier than for you to carry on supporting my work. Check out my new novel, My Wife and Girlfriend. I’m offering 3 books for the price of 1 special. For $4.99, you’ll get My Wife and Girlfriend, Shatter Self-Limiting Beliefs (memoir/self-help) and 10 Erotic Short Stories Vol. 1. One of those books is worth $4.99, but you’ll get three.

Starting this blog is one of the best decisions I made. I had no idea at the beginning that one person would read my stories. Watching this blog blossom over the last two years has inspired me to keep going. My plan is to make Erotica Lust the biggest erotic blog and home to all romance lovers.

Besides books, I also designed kinky t-shirts. Check out Erotica Lust’s awesome t-shirts. I’ve got an ‘I’m Kinky’ t-shirt for women and a unisex ‘Opposites Attract’ t-shirt. I plan to add more to the collection.

Since March is the blog’s anniversary, hosting and domain fees are due. Those are several hundred dollars, and I’m asking you to donate whatever you can to help me keep publishing content. I’ll appreciate any amount. TIP ME ON PAYPAL:

Thanks again for visiting my blog. I am honoured, and I hope you keep coming back to Erotica Lust and make it your home.

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