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After graduating with an Honours in Economics, I studied to become a Certified Financial Analyst. My fascination with finance led me to become a trader at Brookestone Investments. I didn’t want to be one of those social media bimbos who flaunted her ass to reach high stations. My goal was to use my skills and intellect to manage a multi-billion dollar fund.

I must admit that I enjoyed the attention I received from my male colleagues. A few female ones also looked at my protruding ass. I always wore tight shirts that exposed my perky tits and skirts that revealed every curve of my ass. The high heels augmented the muscles in my calves and thighs.

The company hired me when I was 25 years old. The HR manager mentioned to me during the interview about the company pushing an equality campaign, hence my hiring. I noticed that all my fellow traders were male, and only a few female colleagues occupied other positions. They were young and attractive.

A few days after I started, CEO Jack Wallace approached my desk to introduce himself. I was flattered, but when I thought about it later, I found it odd that the CEO of a large corporation would want to meet me. He had given me his personal number and told me to call him anytime.

I found out after speaking with a few female colleagues that most had slept with him. They said it resulted in a promotion or a raise. I wasn’t going to be that girl.

I noticed Jack’s patience wane towards me during the subsequent few weeks. He complimented my attire and said that I looked very professional. That was nice, but I always thought it was creepy that he ogled my chest and legs after complimenting my clothing. His look conveyed lust to strip me right there and bend me over the table to give it to me doggy style.

Had he not been in his sixties and married, I may have considered it. I felt ashamed for thinking that. After all, I had promised myself that I would never use my body to get what I want.

Five years later, I was still a trader. My dream of managing a fund or at least being the head trader seemed unachievable. Jack stopped hitting on me after seeing he didn’t stand a chance.

Out of a team of eight traders, I was the most profitable for the last four years. Yet, I watched my male counterparts get promotions. Younger, unqualified women entered our workforce and climbed the ladder while management’s oversight of me became evident.

I applied to other companies. The best offer I got was to be a senior trader, but the salary was slightly lower than my current one. I turned down all the offers. I realised that the only way to manage a fund was by starting an investment company. The problem was that I needed a few million dollars to trade to show potential clients alluring returns if they invested with me.

Marketing the company would also be a huge cost. I had saved a substantial amount, but it wasn’t enough. I needed to make money quickly.

On most days, I worked until 7 p.m., preparing my trades for the following day. Most traders had left by five because the market closed at four. The majority of the remaining staff had left by six.

On my way out, I saw a light beam seeping through the CEO’s blinds. I figured that he had left the lights on, so I went there to switch them off.

As I reached his office, I saw the open door, and voices pervaded down the corridor.

I leaned against the wall next to the door and heard Jack say, “Good job hiring Stacey. Man, she is a wild one in bed. I tell you that much.”

Two men laughed. I presumed he was talking to the HR manager who hired me.

“It’s my pleasure, boss.” That confirmed my suspicions.

“I’ll tell you who I’m not happy with,” said Jack. “And I’m not sure why we even have her anymore.”

“Who’s that?”


My lips parted as I looked down. Why would he say that about me? I’m his top trader.

“The nerve of that bitch,” said Jack. “I tried so many times to get in her panties, but she just won’t put out.”

That’s because I’m a professional woman who believes that my expertise is an asset, not my ass, you jerk.

“Who the hell does she think she is to deny me? I tell you, I can’t stand the sight of her. Nothing would make me happier than to see her leave.”

I gasped silently.

“We can’t just get rid of her. There are laws preventing us from that,” said the HR manager.

“Surely we can do something? I’d love nothing more than to replace her with someone younger and hotter. What is she, like 35 or something?”

I’m thirty, you jerk.

“To avoid a lawsuit and a big PR mess, we can retrench her,” said the HR manager. “That way, we’ve covered our asses, and you won’t have to see her again.”

“Do it.”

I barely remember walking away from the office. I recall digging deep into my clogged lungs for oxygen, my chest expanding and contracting rapidly. The thought of unemployment and the uncertainty of how long it would take me to find another job formed a lump in my throat.

At home, I drank several glasses of water to calm myself. I can’t believe those jerks want to get rid of me after I banked them millions of dollars just so that Jack can bang another young woman. It’s like this is a sick game to them to see how many women Jack can sleep with. And HR is so far up his ass that they’ll do anything to please him. There’s no way I’m letting them get away with this.

The following night I worked until seven again. I hoped that Jack would be in his office on my way out, and I smiled, seeing his light on.

I knocked and broadened my smile. “Do you have a minute?” I asked.

“Sure. Wasn’t expecting you here so late.”

The bastard didn’t notice that I was the only one in the office that late because he couldn’t bang me, but his luck was about to change.

I walked in and then closed the door. I sat in front of him and put my phone behind me on the chair, the camera facing the desk.

“I’ve noticed that you’ve been working late,” I said.

“Yeah. I’ve been preparing for our second meeting with big investors. If this deal goes through, our stock price will skyrocket.”

“With someone like you in charge of it, I wouldn’t be surprised that it goes well.”

I smiled and locked eyes with him. The corners of his lips curled. I saw that I had him.

I stood up and walked behind him. “Since you’ve been working so hard, it’s time you take a load off.”

I squeezed his shoulders. He rolled them and smiled before he looked up at me over his shoulder. A cunning smile flitted across my face.

After massaging him for a few minutes, I saw his dick rise, so I loosened his tie. My hands ran over his chest and stomach, then slightly brushed his groin. His eyes followed my hands as they returned to his shoulders. I didn’t doubt that he wished they had remained on his dick.

His shoulders loosened and lowered. I knew he was ready to bend me over the table and give it to me hard, but I wanted to torture him a little longer.

I turned his chair, and he faced me. As I turned my ass to him, I looked at him over my shoulder and saw him smiling at my ass. The desire in his eyes showed his eagerness to stick his dick into my pussy.

I bent over, my tight skirt protruding my curvy ass. He spanked it and said, “Oh, yeah. You know what daddy likes.”

I unbuttoned my shirt, faced him, grabbed the back of his head and then smothered his face in my chest. He rattled his head in it and licked some parts of my breasts.

I grabbed his face and pushed him back, then nudged his dick with my foot. His eyes were on it, then raised and followed his hand as he slid it over my calf. I slapped him, and he flinched.

Jack smiled. “You wanna play rough, huh?” he asked. “I like that.”

I slapped him again. “Shut up.”

I grabbed his wrists and raised his hands to my breasts. He grabbed them and squeezed. His smile reappeared.

“Get up,” I said.

His hands slid over my waist and down to my hips. He grabbed my ass and squeezed it, making me straighten my back and neared my face to his.

Jack unbuttoned the rest of my shirt, slipped it off me and then dropped it on the floor. He unclipped my bra and did the same, then ogled at my breasts. He bent his knees, cupped my left breast and sucked the other. I closed my eyes and raised my chin. The old bastard knew how to suck a nipple. Must’ve gotten good from all the practice with the office sluts.

He stood behind me and nudged my shoulders. I spread my arms on his desk and bent over it. Jack unzipped and pulled off my skirt, slipping down to my ankles. I heard his belt unbuckle and zipper tear.

He pulled off my g-string and then stuck his dick into my pussy. I was surprisingly wet. It must’ve been from his nipple suck. He grabbed my shoulders and thrust. I closed my eyes, thinking that I’d have to bear the penetration. But his motion and thick dick moistened me more.

He thrust harder, and I jerked my head up and shot out grunts. I couldn’t believe that he was giving it to me that good. He murmured, and I clenched my teeth as he continued giving it to me hard. Jack cupped my right breast, and his face brushed my hair as he clutched my jaw and raised it, speeding up the penetration.

Grunts seeped between my teeth and shot out of my mouth. He intertwined his fingers on my chin, locking his hands on it. My head craned back as he reclined, applying more pressure to my chin. My face flushed as he pounded my pussy.

I raised my heels, tightening my calves and ass. The muscles in my ass gripped Jack’s dick, squeezing it. He gasped, his body stiffening. His semen shot into my wet pussy.

He panted and then pulled his dick out. I got dressed and then grabbed my phone off the chair and left without looking at him.

The following morning, an email awaited me from the HR manager. Jack probably didn’t have time to inform him to withdraw the retrenchment. The package was decent, but I knew more money awaited me.

My phone app had automatically snapped pictures of Jack banging me, and I knew that showing them to HR was futile. They would cover for him, but I figured that the board would react differently.

After speaking to the chairman, I went home.

A few days had passed, and Jack still occupied his position. I realised the board didn’t want to frighten the investors that Jack mentioned. If that deal went through, they would have no reason to get rid of him. The board would bury my story and continue to profit. They’re just as bad as Jack.

I went to the local newspaper and showed them the photos. The reporter asked me a few questions, and I told him about Jack sleeping with the female staff and the board ignoring my story. He said he would publish the story in the evening.

I got home and opened a sell position on Brookestone’s stock. I traded my entire retrenchment package and savings. Brookestone had made profits for the last several quarters, so investors bought the stock. My colleagues would laugh at me if they knew the trade I opened because the market sentiment was bullish. But they didn’t know that the fundamentals would change soon.

The following morning, I checked the newspaper, and Jack was on the front page. I saw the stock dip but knew that was only the beginning.

The reporter followed up with the board, asking them why they hid the story, then published another piece in the following day’s newspaper. The investors Jack mentioned had pulled out of the deal, and Brookestone’s falling price had scared the market. More selling pressure came from retail investors, resulting in the stock losing seventy per cent of its value in three days.

I smiled watching my trade make me a fortune.



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