Erotica Lust celebrates its second anniversary in March. The site’s readership has more than doubled, and I even published a free book for our readers. I also updated all the stories with audio. All of that costs money, and the site’s annual subscription fees are due.

I’ve provided free content for the last two years, and I want to carry on doing that. That’s the reason I need your help. Please, consider donating so I can continue to provide free content and publish more free books for you.

TIP ME ON PAYPAL: Any donation will help. Readers don’t see the tremendous work and costs required to run a site. I appeal to you to help this writer so that he can fulfil his dream of writing for a living.

If you want value for your money, consider purchasing my novel, My Wife and Girlfriend. I’m offering a special—3 books for $4.99. You can also get my awesome t-shirts. Either of these options will help me.

I know that readers love free stories and books, but someone had to pay to publish those. That person is me. It would be nice to know that my readers appreciate all the effort I put into delivering free content.

If you’re unable to contribute, I ask that you share this article with your friends via social media. You can use the share buttons on the left. The more we get the word out there, the higher the chances are someone will contribute.

I appreciate you visiting my site, reading my stories and books. Let’s continue to grow Erotica Lust to make it the home of all erotica readers. The best decision I made was to start this blog, and I want millions of readers around the world to enjoy it with us.



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