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Jim tapped the tip of his dick on Karen’s lips as she looked up at him. He smiled, feeling the semen bubble up in his balls and ready to explode. Karen twitched her head and closed her eyes as Jim’s semen splattered on her face and mouth. A string of semen stretched from his dick to her lips, and Jim rubbed his dick on her cheeks, wiping away the remnant semen.

He zipped up his pants, and Karen pulled up her skirt and then used a serviette to wipe the semen off her face. She walked out of the cockpit, and Jim switched off the autopilot and took over. He loved nothing more than banging a hostess mid-flight. Not only did that make his two-hour flights pass quicker, but he didn’t need to have sex with his wife, who he didn’t desire due to her excessive weight gain after their second child’s birth.

Jim was a senior pilot who didn’t want a co-pilot for several reasons, mostly because of the sex romps. He was in his fifties, but the young hostesses banged him because management consulted him about which hostesses deserved a raise, bonus and a promotion.

He took advantage of his position and banged most of the hostesses. They were happy because they received job perks, and some enjoyed sex at high altitudes. Although Jim was happy with the dynamic between the hostesses and him, he was unsatisfied that Sophia hadn’t taken him up on his offer.

She had long, curly black hair, perky tits, long legs and an ass that begged for a hard bang. Jim had propositioned to give management a glowing reference of her if she banged him. Sophia had turned him down for the last two years because she was serious about her boyfriend, Jacques. That didn’t stop Jim. He persisted, but she kept turning him down.

The rejections and the chase made Jim more adamant to bang her. She was one of the few hostesses he hadn’t banged. The other ones were married or unattractive to Jim. Sophia didn’t know how much longer she could keep rejecting Jim. She watched her less-qualified colleagues get promotions and bonuses that she deserved. Her rent in New York had increased, and she was tired of living paycheck to paycheck.

Sophia thought about how good it would feel to have money left over at the end of the month and be the head hostess. Jim had promised to recommend her for that position. After all, she was the most qualified and had an ass that Jim wanted more than any other.

On the way to Boston, Sophia walked towards the cockpit, holding a tray filled with meat, potatoes, fruit salad and bottled water. All the hostesses knew that was the protocol for an in-flight quickie. A hostess would polish Jim’s dick, and then he would complete the journey with a nice meal.

Her shoulders raised, and her chest expanded as she inhaled a deep breath, standing in front of the cockpit door. She knocked and entered.

“Put it over -.” Jim stopped mid-sentence, seeing Sophia over his shoulder.

The day he had waited for so long had arrived. He couldn’t resist smiling. Sophia smiled, knowing that promotion and more money were imminent.

Jim switched on the autopilot and then stood up. Sophia unzipped his pants and got on her knees. She pulled out his dick and smiled at him before stuffing it into her mouth. He closed his eyes and murmured. Her voluptuous lips sliding up and down his dick heightened his lust. He was ready to cum, but he controlled it.

Sophia tickled his balls, broadening Jim’s smile. He wanted to unload on her face but not before he tasted her sweet pussy. He couldn’t wait to stick his dick into her pussy.

She stood up and turned her back to him. He slid his hands over her thighs and then over her abs before reaching for her tits and squeezing them. His cheek brushed her hair, and she reached over her shoulder and raked her fingers through his hair. Jim nibbled her neck, smelling her perfume. The floral and lustful smell heightened Jim’s senses.

He unzipped her skirt, dropping it onto the floor. She bent over and pressed her hands on the side of the cockpit, protruding her ass. Jim’s wicked smile revealed his eagerness to stick his dick into her pussy and feel her ass.

He grabbed her right asscheek, squeezed it and then spanked it. He grabbed his dick, nudged it into her pussy and groaned. It was wet and tight, just the way he fantasised it would be. Sophia’s head hung, and she grunt as Jim penetrated. He knew how to give it to a woman, so she enjoyed his performance.

He spanked her ass and sped up the penetration, eager to cum. Jim wanted the sex to last longer, but he knew that the passengers may get suspicious about a hostess’s prolonged stay in the cockpit. Besides, Jim planned to meet up with Sophia at a hotel to have a proper session.

She raised her head and bobbed back and forth as Jim continued the pounding. He fondled her hanging tits and then stuck his thumb into her ass.

Jim wanted to feel her pussy engulf his dick, so he pulled out his dick and then sat in the pilot’s chair. Sophia sat on top of him and put her arms around his neck, jumping on his dick. He closed his eyes, smiled and grunted as she rode him wildly.

Uknown to Sophia, Jacques was on the flight. He planned to propose on the plane in front of all the passengers. He saw Sophia walk into the cockpit, so he got on one knee in front of it and held a ring, waiting for her to step out. The passengers saw what he wanted to do and kept looking at him. Fortunately for Sophia, the cockpit was insulated, so Jacques couldn’t hear them.

Jim’s arms were around Sophia’s lower back, and he leaned forward, making her recline onto the dashboard. As Sophia leaned back, her elbow accidentally bumped the intercom switch, flipping it on.

She jumped faster on Jim, shouting, “Yes. Oh, God, yes. That feels so good right there.”

“Come on. Faster,” yelled Jim, smacking her ass.

Some of the passengers looked up, hearing them over the speakers. Sophia screamed several times, and Jacques stared at the door as reality settled into his heart.

“Oh, God. I’m gonna cum,” said Jim. “Get on your knees.”

The passengers heard Jim groan as he unloaded on Sophia’s face. Jacques swallowed the massive lump in his throat and stood up. He glanced at some of the passengers, then lowered his head on the way to his seat. His heart had crumbled into a hundred pieces, and he couldn’t believe the humiliation he suffered.

Sophia walked out of the cockpit, unaware of the passengers’ knowledge about her intimacy. All of them looked at her as she walked down the aisle. She noticed the disgust on some female passengers’ faces and a few smiles from men.

She walked to the back of the plane and saw the gobsmacked facial expressions of her colleagues, who told her what happened.

After the landing, management fired Jim and Sophia. Not only did she become broke, but she also lost the love of her life.



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