In 2013, I read a book about overcoming fear. It was a bestseller, but I was surprised at the mediocre writing. I figured that I could write a better book that would detail my transformation from being afraid to take risks to embrace ventures that frightened me.

I put down the bestseller and started writing my book the same day, on my 29th birthday. Its release date was six months later. That was my first book, which I wrote every day for three months and used the subsequent three months to rewrite, design and market.

I wanted to give readers a private look into my life, so I wrote about struggling with talking to women, my fear of public speaking and starting a business, as well as how I got into the best shape of my life. I documented experiences in detail and provided exercises readers could do to overcome their fear.

The result was a book entitled Shatter Self-Limiting Beliefs.

The book features stories about the first time I approached a woman and my wobbly legs almost giving out on me. Other stories are of me visibly sweating, stuttering during public speaking and overcoming my fear to skydive, starting my business and approaching hundreds of women.

The reason I love the book is that it’s conversational, intimate and enlightening. Eight years have passed since its release, and I still read it to remind myself of the complete overhaul I endured to become the person I am today.

I wanted the book to be different from all the self-help books published every day by documenting my experiences so you can relate to them and realise that you can change, the same as I did. That’s the reason Shatter Self-Limiting Beliefs is more than a self-help book; it’s my memoir.

The book will help you overcome your fear so that you can improve your love life, finances and fitness.

I’m offering the book as part of a special—3 books for $4.99, or you can buy it as a standalone for $2.99.



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