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Ewan had gotten the reputation of being a stud in bed after he banged the living crap out of Becky. They lived in the same rural neighbourhood, and Becky needed a plumbing hand. Ewan’s dexterity helped him get an invite from Becky to her house, and his impressive workmanship made her wet.

He wasn’t a good-looking guy, nor was he smart. But he was skillful at repairs and construction. Ewan could build just about anything if he had the right tools. He loved working, and his passion was evident to women. After he repaired Becky’s pipes, he checked the hole between her legs. She had insisted they have something to drink after he finished the job.

They got close to each other on the couch, and when Becky ran her hand over his dick, she felt that it was big and couldn’t wait to feel it inside her pussy.

As with construction, Ewan did a spectacular job at satisfying Becky. She couldn’t stop talking to her friends about the hard pounding she received from him. Becky had spread the word about Ewan, and numerous women in the neighbourhood invited him to fix a supposed leak when they craved a hard bang.

Ewan pleasured himself and the women, so where’s the harm?

When Ewan’s dad passed away, he discovered that he had inherited a house. His dad hadn’t looked after it, but Ewan was ecstatic about the gift. He regarded the house to be a blessing and promised to do his best work on it so that dad would be proud.

After working on the house for several months every day, Ewan had patched all the holes, painted the entire house, tiled the floors and made a fireplace. He was thrilled with his accomplishments, and he knew that dad would be proud. The only improvements remaining were to the garden.

Ewan felt that his work had increased the value of the house, so he called an estate agent for an evaluation. After evaluating the property for an hour, the agent said, “You’ve got a big plot here, and I can see you’ve done a complete refurbishment. The house looks like it’s new, and once you finish the garden, I estimate the property to be over $500,000.”

“You’re joking?” said Ewan, jaw lowered and eyes wide. Before his work, Ewan figured the place was worth around $50,000.

The agent shook his head. “No, I’m serious. We’ve had lots of clients wanting to relocate out of cities and into peaceful areas. Your place is perfect for retirees, parents with kids out of the house and people who want a second house.”

Ewan smiled, feeling that he had solved his financial woes. He had struggled financially for most of his life, but if he sold the house, he could buy two apartments and live off the rent.

A week later, Ewan mowed the lawn. He had filled the wheelbarrow with grass to dump in the field opposite his house. As he stepped out of his yard, a dog ran in front of his house. He looked left and saw a brunette step out onto the street from behind a tree next to the field’s pathway.

His smile stretched as he saw the brunette’s hourglass figure, revealed by her leggings and tank top. She walked past him, not looking at him. But his eyes followed her and lowered to her ass. Ewan loved her perky, tight ass. He pictured banging her doggy style and bouncing off her ass and spanking it. He had to know what that felt like.

“Hi. Is that your dog?” he asked.

The woman stopped, looked at him and said, “Yes.”

“It’s a beautiful dog. It usually happens like that.”

“What does?”

“That a beautiful woman chooses a beautiful dog.”

She smiled and looked down. Ewan lowered the wheelbarrow to the ground and then extended his arm. “Ewan. Nice to meet you.”


After they spoke for a few minutes, Avril asked, “Is this your house?”


“Wow. Looks like you built it recently.”

“Actually, my dad got this house forty years ago, and I recently did some work to it.”

“You did a lot of work to it, not just some.”

Ewan saw that he could capitalise on his dexterity with Avril, so he said, “If you need work done on your house, I’m more than happy to help.”



They exchanged numbers and agreed for Ewan to visit her the following day.

He set up a clothing line in her garden, fixed a broken chair and repaired her electric garage door. During his work, Avril brought him lemonade and commended his efforts.

After Ewan finished, they sat in the lounge and spoke. He felt a connection with her that he hadn’t with any woman. Ewan couldn’t understand what was great about Avril, but he just felt it. Maybe he thought with the wrong head.

She went to the kitchen and then returned with a plate of cookies. As she placed the plate in front of him, she stumbled and fell into his lap. Ewan grabbed her and felt her tight ass on his dick, which got harder. She felt it, too.

They gazed in each other’s eyes, and he ran his hand up her leg. He shoved his tongue into her mouth and then put his hand on her waist before raising it to her breast. Ewan squeezed her breast as their tongues slid against each other.

He lowered his lips to her neck, nibbling it and then bit her earlobe. He wanted her bad, but he wanted to tease her before banging her brains out.

Avril pushed him on the couch, making him recline. She sat on top of him, her knees digging into the couch. She pulled off his shirt and then kissed his chest. Avril slid off him onto the floor in front of the couch and unzipped his pants and pulled them off.

She whipped out his dick, smiled at him and then licked the head. She lowered her head, engulfing his dick with her mouth. Ewan closed his eyes and ran his fingers through her hair. He had great blowjobs before, but this was spectacular. He knew that he wanted access to Avril’s mouth and pussy more than once.

She licked his balls and then stood up. He watched her turn her back to him, then pull down her leggings and bend over. Her pussy was a few centimetres from his face. He leaned forward and licked it. Her pussy was wet and tasty. He wanted more.

Avril grabbed his dick and lowered herself onto it. He grabbed her waist, and she put her feet onto his knees and rested her back on his chest. Her pussy swallowed up his dick as it went in all the way, and she grimaced and screamed. Ewan had never been that hard.

She craned her head up and shot out several guttural groans. That made Ewan believe that he satisfied her, and it motivated him to carry on. He thrust faster, drilling her pussy harder and making her wetter. Avril’s body rattled as she received the hardest bang ever. She felt like she was on a bumpy rollercoaster, but it felt amazing.

Ewan’s sweat head glistened on his forehead. He stopped and panted into the back of her hair. She got off him and then got on her knees before sucking his dick again.

They stood up, and she leapt onto him, wrapping her arms and legs around him. He grabbed her ass and stuck his dick into her. She jumped on his dick, and he kept looking at her, smiling. He loved hearing her scream.

After being in that position for fifteen minutes, Ewan felt he was going to ejaculate. Avril got off him and on her knees. He looked down at her and shot out his load onto her face.

Throughout the subsequent weeks, they kept having amazing sex. Both of them couldn’t get enough of each other.

After sex, Avril asked, “What do you think about me?”

“I think you’re amazing.”

“How amazing? Could you see us together permanently?”


“Good. I have something to confess,” she said.


“I didn’t accidentally bump into you in front of your house. Your reputation reached my ears, and I wanted to see if it was true.”

“You’re kidding?”

“No. I also didn’t lose my footing at the table before I fell into your lap. That was deliberate.”

“You naughty girl.”

Ewan had no idea how naughty Avril was. He should’ve questioned her motives more, but the fantastic sex with Avril blinded him, not that he was known for his brains.

“I think we should get married,” said Avril.

Ewan hadn’t expected that, but he felt that was the only way to keep having sex with her. Besides, he didn’t want to live alone.

A few weeks later, they wed. Ewan felt that he rushed the ceremony, but Avril had insisted.

They had great sex for the subsequent few weeks, but that dwindled. Avril made several excuses about not being in the mood. Ewan felt her lack of interest in spending time with him and wondered how her feelings towards him had weakened rapidly.

A month later, Avril filed for divorce.

A lump had formed in Ewan’s throat, and he felt his chest clog up. He couldn’t believe that Avril had lost interest in him two months after marriage. She moved out of the house, and he received a letter from her lawyer a few days later.

The lawyer had requested that Ewan sell the house and share the money with Avril. Ewan was hellbent on keeping the house as it was a gift from his late father, and he wanted to respect his legacy by maintaining the house.

A court ruled that Ewan had to put the house on the market. A month later, he cried in front of the house after concluding a deal with a buyer. He felt he had betrayed his father’s wishes, and he couldn’t fulfill his plan of renting two apartments.

If only Ewan had checked Avril’s past. He would’ve discovered that the house where she lived belonged to her ex-husband. She had gotten divorced a week before walking past Ewan’s house. Also, she noticed the work Ewan had done to the house before deciding to pop over, and she wanted a piece of the pie.

Avril’s intentions were clear, and any man who bothered to dig into her past and not let lust fog up his eyes could see that she was up to no good.

Ewan should’ve searched for a partner, not just any woman. The two are different. A partner believes that she has to contribute her share to build something together. But a woman like Avril believes that half of her husband’s belongings are hers, even if she doesn’t contribute anything.



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