hiding from love

Hiding from love made me very bitter

“Thank you for coming,” I said to a customer before closing the door after a gruelling first day. After cashing up, I sat on the stool where customers fitted shoes, then looked around. My lips curled as I admired the shiny shoes, amazed at what I had accomplished.

our travels led us to a dead end

Our global travels led us to a dead end

My teeth chattered, and I tucked my head in between my raised shoulders as a gale almost blew me over. Maybe walking around the city in December wasn’t the best idea. I had gotten fed up with being indoors because of the miserable weather and needed to get out.

most popular short stories and articles

The most popular short stories and articles of 2021

It’s been a year of growth and an introduction of new products for Erotica Lust in 2021. Not only did I start an Erotica Lust Podcast, but September was the debut of my erotic suspense novel, My Wife and Girlfriend. I published short stories and articles every Friday

get a hall pass for a night

How to get a hall pass for a night

A hall pass, in a sexual context, refers to a partner receiving permission from their significant other to have sex with somebody else. People give their partners a hall pass for several reasons, including a lack of sexual desire for their partner but not wanting them to be sexless

my best friend's girl

Keeping an eye on my best friend’s girl

Zedd tried to get Bianca off his mind by telling himself, ‘That’s my best friend’s girl. I can’t be thinking about her this way,’ but he couldn’t help himself. Tyler’s heartbeat gained momentum as he thought about going into the field again. For the last three months

man who didn't want to risk

The man who didn’t want to risk his wealth

The construction business has been good to me. I started in the industry thirty years ago laying bricks, then eventually opened a small company that grew throughout the years into a massive operation, making me extremely wealthy. Now, at age 50, I had accumulated enough money