virgin at a college party

A virgin at a college party goes wild

Olivia found herself in the library again, reading adventure books. She thought that college would be different from high school, but she was friendless and lacked fun. She enjoyed reading books, but she also wanted to try something new. It would be nice if she could meet someone

my wife and girlfriend novel ch 1

My debut novel, my Wife and Girlfriend, is out

After working on my debut novel for three years, I’m proud to say that I launch it today. My Wife and Girlfriend novel is finally out. The publication process was challenging, to say the least, but it taught me important lessons about the industry. The story is about Warren Clad’s dream

women want men to do in bed

Things women want men to do in bed

There are things that women will say to their friends that they do in bed, and they might even be shy to tell their partners about their secret desires. But there are things women want men to do in bed to them that they’ve fantasised about. Knowing these fantasies will help you pleasure

value of friendship

Two women realise the value of friendship

“How’d the gig go, Mon?” asked Shirley. Ten people showed up.” Shirley’s eyes broadened. “Hey, that’s an improvement. Things are getting better.” “I guess if you look at it like that.” Monica slumped onto the sofa and sighed. Shirley sat beside her, held her hand and rubbed her arm.

men last longer in bed

Techniques that help men last longer in bed

Lasting long in bed doesn’t necessarily mean that you are trying to overcome premature ejaculation. You might be a man who lasts twenty minutes and wants to know how to carry on for an hour. There are simple yet effective techniques that help men last longer in bed.

not settling for anyone

Not settling for anyone but Mr perfect

I planned out my week perfectly. Mondays and Tuesdays were reserved for dates because they were the slowest days of the week. Wednesday was my session with Dr Gilligan. Thursday was reserved for friends. The weekend was for meeting men, and Sunday was for family.

single mother got her groove back

How a single mother got her groove back

I watched Zane walk towards the school gate on his first day. He was the biggest blessing of my life, and to this day, I struggled to understand how his father could abandon him. I guess his slutty secretary had more power over him than I thought. Although Zane’s dad left us

how many sexual partners is too many

How many sexual partners is too many?

One of the reasons that the number of people you’ve had sex with comes up is that your potential partner might judge you to see if you’re so-called high-quality. Some people find it a turn-off when their potential partner has slept with too many people. What that number is varies