health benefits of having sex

8 ways your health benefits from having sex

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that having sex provides several benefits apart from ridding you of mental torment and providing physical satisfaction. Studies have discovered that having sex provides several health benefits. Most people will be surprised to discover in what ways their

how to give a lap dance

how to give a lap dance like a stripper

Many women have fantasized about being a stripper. There’s something about the way a stripper moves that not only looks sexy to a man but also a woman. Some women have wanted to know simple moves they could do that would make their partner desire them more.

have sex with a stripper

his dream to have sex with a stripper became a nightmare

“I’m getting married,” said Jaimy before shrieking. “You have to come to the wedding. I’m not accepting no for an answer. We were best friends for fifteen years before Jaimy moved to France to progress her career as an artist. We had not seen each other in three years, and I needed an excuse

things to consider before having anal sex

things to consider before having anal sex

Having sex in the same old hole can run its course after a while. It’s normal for couples to desire a new approach to sex. Some choose to have threesomes, and others choose anal sex. Although anal sex remains a taboo topic, surveys have shown that more people are practising

couple having sex

7 Tips for having sex for the first time

Everybody’s sexual journal is different. We have sex for the first time at different ages, with different races and people of all kinds of backgrounds. There are more than 7 billion people in the world, which means many people have had sex, but there are lots who still haven’t

read erotic stories

reasons that should make you read erotic stories

Erotic content is available all over the internet. Although pornographic videos garner a lot of views, some people prefer to leave erotic scenes to the imagination. Since sex is more mental than physical, many people have discovered pleasure in reading erotic material.