hot asian mail bride

Meeting a hot Asian mail bride in USA

‘Looking for a hot Asian mail bride?’ That was the standard heading for my online dating profile. Most men did not bother engaging by asking me about my favorite movie or color. They initiated the chat by telling me how they loved my long dark hair and slim body. I pursed my lips

make me squirt

Make me squirt or I’ll snip your balls off

I rolled my eyes when Bradley morphed into a demon when shooting a load inside me. He was one of the many men who could not make me squirt. I left all of them after the first sexual encounter. Bradley was an investment banker who turned me on when I saw how harshly

ways women can increase their sex drive

5 ways women can increase their sex drive

A low sex drive might’ve been more common amongst men, hence the invention of Viagra, but many women who have also experienced a slump in their desire to have sex. Otherwise referred to as libido, a sex drive is the amount of desire a person has for sexual activity. If you thought that

cheat on my wife

wanting to cheat on my wife proved to be costly

After being married for twenty-seven years and feeling miserable for the last twenty, I had to get out of the house and relive my twenties. Getting married when I was twenty-three proved to be one of the biggest mistakes of my life. Missing out on the parties, banging girls and having