It’s been a year of growth and an introduction of new products for Erotica Lust in 2021. Not only did I start an Erotica Lust Podcast, but September was the debut of my erotic suspense novel, My Wife and Girlfriend.

I published short stories and articles every Friday, and I thought we’d revisit the most popular ones for 2021.

The most popular short story of 2021 was Curing Sex Addiction by Having a Gangbang. Sally is obsessed with sex, and it ruins her life. Not only does she drop out of college because of having a reputation of being a slut, but she gets fired for sleeping with several co-workers. Then, she seeks help and decides to have fun one last time in a gangbang.

A Lonely Housewife Seeks Fun with the Neighbours was the second most popular story. Kira moves into an affluent estate, and the wives are jealous that their husbands find Kira irresistible. She’s open to their charms, so the wives plot revenge.

The third most popular short story for 2021 was I Entertained the Thought of Cheating on My Husband. Carrie tries her best to be the best wife to Quinton, but his snappy treatment of her leads her to meet Leo. They find out that they have more in common than they thought.

The most popular article of 2021 on Erotica Lust was Things Women Want Men to do in Bed. Especially with a new partner, we, as men, may sometimes hold back on certain actions because we’re uncertain of how she’ll react, or we forget to do certain things with our partners because we rush. This article serves as a reminder and a guide of what most women want in bed.

Want a threesome? In most cases, it’s easier to get a threesome if you’re in a relationship. You already have one partner, so you only need one more. If your partner is up for a threesome, he or she might even find the other participant. The issue some people have with threesomes is bringing up the topic with their partners. How to Suggest a Threesome to Your Partner will increase your chances of success.

The third most popular article of 2021 was Keeping Your Sex Life Healthy During Marriage. It’s normal for the initial spark to fizzle out throughout the years. That doesn’t mean you and your spouse have to lose attraction for each other and stop having sex. Both of you can continue having great sex if you do certain things to keep the flame burning.

Thank you for supporting Erotica Lust, and happy new year. Don’t forget to check out my novel, My Wife and Girlfriend. I look forward to publishing new short stories and articles every Friday in 2022 and beyond.

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