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The residents of Forest Valley Golf Estate were proud to inhabit one of the most sought-after real estates in the country. The arduous, costly and time-consuming process of applying to the board resulted in the residents being on their best behaviour to avoid being kicked out by Marlene, the board’s chair.

While the husbands loved putting their balls into holes and other places, the wives enjoyed getting together on Tuesday night for the weekly book club, where book discussions filled the gaps in between the gossip, which dominated the meetings.

“Did you see that new floozy in the neighbourhood?” Jade asked the group.

“Who hasn’t? I saw her wearing a low cut top, practically exposing half of her breasts,” said Fran. “Good thing she’s got a man. I saw him helping her carry the boxes inside.”

A smile of relief appeared on the wives’ faces, knowing that she had a husband.

“Maybe, we should go to her place and welcome her to the neighbourhood. Just to make sure that man wasn’t working for the moving company,” said Jade.

The wives looked at each other and nodded in unison to confirm each other’s concerns.

The following afternoon, four of the wives from the book club went to Kira’s house.

She opened the door, and the wives noticed that she wore a similar low cut shirt the day she moved in. They glanced at her bulging breasts, then smiled.

“Hi, I’m Jade. We just thought we’d welcome you to the neighbourhood.”

Kira smiled and grabbed the gift from her. “Thank you so much. How kind of you.”

“It’s our pleasure. What are neighbours for?”

“Would you like to come in for coffee?” asked Kira.

“Sounds wonderful.”

The wives walked in and pretended to look at the decor, but they were eager to see a man.

“May I offer you some muffins to go with the coffee?” asked Kira.

“Oh, so you bake?” asked Jade.

Kira smiled. “Yes. I cook as well. After all, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.”

The wives looked at each other, concerned. Most of them had private chefs to relieve them of that burden.

While Kira was in the kitchen, the wives heard drilling from upstairs. Some of them felt better, but they had to be sure that it was a man.

When Kira returned to the lounge, Fran asked, “Somebody upstairs?”

“That’s Jim. I wouldn’t know what I’d do without him. I’m blessed to have him. He changed my life ever since we met.”

The wives looked at each other and smiled. “When did you two meet?” asked Fran.

“Way back in high school. Since then, we’ve been inseparable.”

“Awww, that’s so sweet.”

“Thank you so much for coming over. I really do appreciate it.”

“Not a problem,” said Jade. “We know that Marlene is quite strict about who she lets into the estate and that it’s quite a lengthy process.”

“Speaking of her. I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting her. Only spoke to her over the phone a few times, and the rest of our communication was via email,” said Kira.

“She spends most of her time in Europe. She’s got several businesses, so she pops by every few months,” said Fran.

“I heard she got married recently to some guy who’s 10 years younger than her,” said Jade to the group. “Let’s keep this between us, ladies. It wouldn’t surprise me to find out that he did it for the money.”

Kira smiled, believing that Jade was joking.

“Just a friendly warning to you,” said Fran to Kira. “Marlene expects the residents to be on the best behaviour at all times. She’s quick to get rid of anyone who she doesn’t like. It’s happened a few times that she got rid of a few families.”

Kira raised her eyebrows and said, “Is that so?” The wives nodded in unison. “Seems like all of you have impressed Marlene.”

“She likes us,” said Fran. “We’d never do anything to tarnish our friendship with her. It means the world to us. This estate means the world to us. Most of us have been living here for more than 20 years. We can’t picture ourselves anywhere else. This estate is heaven on Earth.”

“Okay,” said Kira. “Hopefully, I’ll enjoy it as much as all of you.”

The wives smirked, which served as a warning to Kira to behave herself or they would pounce on her like a clan of hyenas.

Over the next few days, the husbands had noticed Kira. They also noticed that she was home alone and took advantage of it to meet her.

First was Fran’s husband, Peter. After he told Jade’s husband about meeting a brunette stunner, Calvin decided to welcome Kira and make sure that Peter wasn’t exaggerating about the size of her melons. He was more than happy with himself for going over.

The word about Kira had spread while the husbands were on the golf course. All of them had welcomed her by going to her house and taking a peek at her busty chest. They liked her even more because she offered all of them food. A home-cooked meal by a woman was something that most of them weren’t used to.

Some of the husbands had placed bets about who would be the first to sleep with Kira.

She was aware that she could choose any of them since they visited her frequently and complimented her cooking, not to mention her beauty.

Jim had to go to Europe for a few weeks. Kira wasn’t going to have male company until he returned, so she invited Peter to dinner since she hated being alone.

After she opened the door, Kira saw him smiling and holding roses, her favourite.

She grabbed his hand and escorted him to the dining table, filled with various healthy food.

Peter licked his lips and loosened his tie.

After dinner, they sat in the lounge and sipped wine. Peter couldn’t prevent his eyes from dipping to Kira’s chest. His dick got so hard that he completely forgot about his marriage to Fran and their kids. His lips crashed into Kira’s, and he slid his hand up her leg.

After they smooched for several minutes, Kira pulled back and smiled at Peter. She grabbed his hand and escorted him to the bedroom, then pulled off his tie and unbuttoned his shirt.

Peter lifted her blouse, dropped it on the floor and then unzipped her skirt and pulled it down. He unclipped her bra and gleed at her breasts. He couldn’t believe his luck. Kira’s tits were round, firm, perky, and she had bean-like nipples.

He shoved her tit into his mouth and moaned as he licked her nipple, then stroked her left tit. Peter was in heaven and couldn’t wait to taste the rest of Kira’s body.

He kneeled, pulled down Kira’s underwear and stared up her pussy. She raised her right leg, clutched a fist of his hair and looked up as he licked her pussy. Kira closed her eyes and murmured as Peter rattled his tongue.

She reclined on the bed and opened her legs. He stood in front of the bed and pressed her leg against his chest as he stuck his dick inside her.

She clenched her teeth and raised her head off the bed as his dick went in all the way, then pulled back slightly. Peter licked her toes as he continued the penetration. Kira bashed the back of her head against the bed as Peter sped up the penetration like an energised bunny.

Kira grimaced and screamed. Peter smiled, pleased with himself.

After he stopped, Kira flipped over onto her stomach, and her feet touched the floor as Peter slid his dick in between her cheeks, then pressed them together so that her butt-cheeks would stroke him.

Since he was cheating, Peter was going to go all out and fulfil the fantasies that Fran wouldn’t indulge him in. He stuck his dick into Kira’s ass and spanked it.

“Oh, God. That feels amazing,” exclaimed Peter.

Kira’s chin was pressed on the duvet as she groaned while Peter dug his dick deeper into her ass.

Peter stopped and panted as sweat formed on his forehead. He smiled as his chest expanded and contracted. He clutched Kira’s shoulders and resumed. Hearing Kira scream made him overexcited, so he came in her ass.

The following night was Calvin’s turn. He banged her even harder than Peter. That made Kira wonder who would be the best, so she invited each of the husbands over to her place for the next few weeks until she slept with all of the ones whose wives belonged to the book club.

During the weekly book club, the wives discussed their concerns of not understanding their husbands’ happiness. They hadn’t seen them feel so fulfilled and couldn’t understand why they didn’t initiate in the bedroom.

Jade peered at the ground as she thought about the reason for Calvin’s satisfaction. “It’s that skank Kira,” she said to the group. “The timing of her moving in and our husbands’ happiness is too coincidental.”

Some of the wives nodded. “You think so?” asked Fran.

Jade nodded. “She’s sleeping with them. I’m more convinced now than ever.”

“That bitch. How are we gonna get rid of her so that we get our husbands back and not lose our lifestyle?” Fran asked the group. “There’s no way I’m letting Peter leave me. I like my life here.”

“We have to speak to Marlene, tell her what’s going on so that she can kick Kira out,” said Jade.

The wives nodded and smiled, feeling that was their best hope. They wrote an email to Marlene, explaining that Kira’s behaviour was unacceptable and that she deserved to be thrown out of the estate immediately.

They received a reply two days later.

Dear Ladies

While I do sympathise with your situation, your husbands’ extramarital affairs are of no concern to Forest Valley Golf Estate’s board.

Although I do not condone women sleeping with married men, Kira has not breached any of the estate’s rules.



The wives looked at each other, concerned about their lack of options. If they do nothing, it will be a matter of time before their husbands leave them for Kira.

Jade leapt out of her chair. “I’ve got an idea. If Marlene won’t help us, we have to take matters into our own hands.”

“What do you mean?” asked one of the wives.

“We have to fight fire with fire. All of us have to sleep with Kira’s husband. She’ll be so scarred that she won’t bother going anywhere near our husbands again.”

“That’s a great idea,” said Fran. “I’ll gladly go first just to get back at Peter.”

The following day, Fran scoped out Kira’s house, waiting for her to leave. Once she did, she knocked on the door and Jim answered. They went upstairs and did the dirty.

Jade was up next. She used Fran’s tactic two days later. The rest of the wives followed suit.

At the weekly book club, Jade said, “Since all of us have slept with Jim, it’s time that we confront that whore and tell her what we’ve been up to.”

The rest of the wives smiled and nodded.

All of them showed up at Kira’s house. She opened the door and glared at them. “You don’t look very happy,” said Jade.

“I’m not. I know what all of you did. It was a cheap shot, to say the least,” said Kira.

“Well, you deserve it. You wanna sleep with our husbands, so we slept with yours.”

Kira frowned and pointed at herself. “My husband?”

“Yes. All of us slept with Jim.” Kira smiled, then swirled her tongue around her mouth. “What did you think I meant?” added Jade.

“I was talking about the email you sent to Marlene. She told me about it.”

Jade looked back at the group, which gleed. She looked back at Kira. “The email doesn’t even matter anymore. We accomplished our objective.” She turned back to the group and smiled. They reciprocated and took a step, ready to leave.

“Oh, just one more thing,” said Kira.

“What?” asked Jade.

“Jim is not my husband. He’s Marlene’s. He and I have been friends since high school, nothing more. He’s the reason I got accepted into this estate easily, and Marlene sent him to help me move in. I’ll be sure to send her an email, letting her know what all of you did.”


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