Dating or having sex is difficult as is, but it can be more challenging when you’re looking for intimacy as a single parent. You may struggle to find time for anything other than your career and child or a partner because you’re considered by some as having baggage.

The first thing you need to know is that there is someone out there looking for you, just the way you are. Forget about the stigma associated with single parents looking for sex. In fact, it might be easier.

Many guys fantasise about having sex with a mother or they believe that single mothers are easier to bed than other women, so they tend to target them more aggressively.

If you’re a single dad, some women who find a man that looks after a child very attractive. They feel that fatherhood has matured him more than other men, and some believe that he will be the most intimate partner because he is nurturing.

Although you have several advantages of finding bed partners as a single parent, you should increase your chances by exposing yourself to certain situations.

Find a Target-Rich Environment

That simply means you should go where you’re likely to find those looking for you. Night clubs can be a great place for men and women to meet. Most people go there with the intention of finding somebody for the night. The best part about nightclubs is that you can even avoid a date and go straight to the bedroom that night.

If you’re a woman who doesn’t enjoy nightclubs, try bars near a military base. You’re bound to find a soldier who’s looking for the same thing as you. Many single moms swear by those places and claim that it is one of the best places to get hot sex.

Men, if online dating hasn’t worked for you, it’s time for a more personal touch. That means you need to meet your potential partner in person. Try a park. Take your dog for a walk. Most women love dogs, especially cute, little ones. The dog may be your easiest way to break the ice.

Search for singles or single parent events. You’ll meet like-minded individuals who understand your situation and are looking for the same thing as you.

Get Out As Much As You Can

It’s understandable that you might struggle to find time to get out. It might be difficult to find a nanny or you just don’t trust anyone to look after your child while you go out to look for a partner.

One possible solution is to take your child with you during the day. You can go to the movies, for a walk around the bustling city centre or a play. Attend barbecues. You never know who you’re going to run into. The chances of somebody knocking on your door and offering sex on a silver platter are slim, so you have to be out there.

Never use your parenting responsibilities as an excuse for not getting out. You always have the option of asking friends or family to look after your child.

You don’t have to go out alone. Go out with your friends and tell them about your desire to look for sex. They’re likely to push you to approach someone or may have somebody in mind who they can introduce you to.

Get a Hobby

Not only are you more attractive when you’ve got things going for you, but those places could be where you meet someone. Physical training is a hobby, so go to a gym. Most gyms have day-care facilities, so you don’t have to worry about where to leave your child.

Play sports. It will keep you active, fit and looking good. Not to mention the fact that most sportspeople are looking for like-minded individuals.

Join a book or a toastmasters club. There are people everywhere, and some are looking to have sex with you. But you have to be out and about, meeting others to increase your chances of finding them.


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