There are things that women will say to their friends that they do in bed, and they might even be shy to tell their partners about their secret desires. But there are things women want men to do in bed to them that they’ve fantasised about. Knowing these fantasies will help you pleasure your woman by giving her what she really wants.


When a woman is in the mood for sex, most of them want you to be aggressive. It shows them that you’re in charge and indicates to them that they’re about to get a hard bang. The degree of aggression depends on each woman, but some like to be pushed on the bed and choked while others like a hard spanking.

Aggression isn’t about exerting your strength on her and possibly hurting her, but it’s about showing her that you have a wild side. Most women want a gentleman at the table and an animal in bed, not the other way around.


Many men want to get to the meat of things, so to speak, so they are eager to penetrate. Most women like to be teased and be given a taste of what’s to come as well as be turned on. That’s the magic of foreplay.

Women love to be touched passionately and kissed in certain spots such as the neck and on the tummy, just above their waists. It arouses them and builds up anticipation. It makes them eager to get to the penetration, and when you see that’s the case, you hold back. That will drive them crazy and make them want you even more.

Ass Action

Most people enjoy doggy style. There is something highly sensual for a woman to receive it from behind, and men love looking at women’s asses. But take it a step further. Many women want you to play with their butts. Besides spanking them, they want you to bite and kiss their butts.

Then there’s anal sex. Some women are curious about how it feels to have a penis in their butt, but they’re afraid of being judged if they suggest it. As a man, you should take the lead and suggest anal sex. There’s a chance she wants it, and if she doesn’t, the worst that can happen is her saying no.


Part of communication during sex includes dirty talk, but it also has a lot to do with making her feel comfortable. While some women may want to hear compliments during sex, more of them want to feel that there’s no pressure for them to perform.

Many women feel pressure to orgasm soon to make their man feel that he is performing well. If you tell her that she can take her time, it helps her to relax and eases the pressure off her. Some women feel so pressured to orgasm quickly that they don’t even enjoy sex.

Role Play

Women have fantasies about all kinds of sex, and some are afraid to act on them out of fear of judgement or rejection. Some women fantasise about having sex with a relative or dressing up in certain outfits, possibly even bondage.

As a man, you should bring that out of her by asking her what she’s desired to do but has never tried. If it’s sex with a relative, you can pretend to be that person. Make sure you tell her that you won’t judge her, regardless of her fantasy. If it ends up working out, you might be the best sex that she’s ever had.


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