women want men to do in bed

Things women want men to do in bed

There are things that women will say to their friends that they do in bed, and they might even be shy to tell their partners about their secret desires. But there are things women want men to do in bed to them that they’ve fantasised about. Knowing these fantasies will help you pleasure

sex mistakes women make

Sex mistakes women make that men hate

Sex is one of the most important aspects of a relationship. Satisfying a man in bed is definitely one of the ways to keep him around; let’s be frank. A man’s job is to satisfy his woman, and it’s her job to do the same. A relationship is called a partnership for a reason.


threesome: An unintentional but pleasant surprise

A threesome had swirled around my mind for some time. The only problem was finding two hot guys who knew each other and wanted me. A friend had suggested that I join a gym to meet guys. Three months had passed since I tasted dick, so I was desperate enough to overcome laziness