Sex is one of the most important aspects of a relationship. Satisfying a man in bed is definitely one of the ways to keep him around; let’s be frank. A man’s job is to satisfy his woman, and it’s her job to do the same. A relationship is called a partnership for a reason. Although some women try to keep their partners happy in bed, they can be culprits of a few common mistakes. Almost all of us make mistakes in bed, and it’s nothing that can’t be fixed. There are a few actions that women can take that will increase their chances of satisfying a man. To help women, I compiled a list of sex mistakes women make the most.

1. Not Initiating Sex

Sex is a natural thing. All of us need it, even if we don’t want to admit it. So, there’s nothing wrong with a woman asking her man to have sex. Ladies, it’s a refreshing change for us.

When you expect your man always to initiate sex, it can make him feel that he’s doing all the work, and you’re not meeting him halfway. You’re not less of a lady if you ask your partner to have sex or to start kissing him and make your way down to his groin. There’s nothing wrong with it. In most cases, men love it.

2. Wanting Sex Only In The Dark

We, as men, understand that you value your physical appearance and that you want to look your best always. Some women want to have sex only in the dark because they are self-conscious of their bodies.

Ladies, the fact that we want to have sex with you means that we don’t mind how you look. Actually, it turns us on, that’s why we want to have sex with you. If we don’t mind the way you look, why do you?

We’re not oblivious to your gain weight in certain regions. Stop trying to cover things up in the dark, and don’t bring up this discussion in the heat of the moment. It’s a major turn-off.

3. Faking Orgasms

Unless you’re a great actress, you’re not fooling anybody with your fake orgasms. Some women pull such foolish faces when pretending to have orgasms that it’s laughable.

Some men don’t mind if women fake orgasms, but it can create problems. Besides lying to their partner, women lie to themselves by faking an orgasm. There are men who will believe your orgasm, therefore, think that what they’re doing is working. That means they will carry on with their act, and you might never feel fully satisfied, which could result in you building up resentment.

4. Not Expressing Your Desires

In case you haven’t noticed, most men don’t know what you’re thinking or feeling. In short: we don’t know what you want. Ladies, don’t think that all men know what you want them to do in bed. The easiest way to avoid frustration (and fake orgasms) in bed is to tell your man what you want.

You’ll do him a favour by explaining to him what turns you on, and he’ll thank you for making life easy for him by pleasuring you. It’s a win-win.

5. Talking Too Much

Most women I’ve met like to talk. That’s completely normal in a social gathering since some men prefer to sit and listen. In bed, most of us like dirty talk, but you don’t have to read a short story to us when we’re busy thrusting.

Constant talking can be a bit irritating. Add a few words here and there for role play, but let your movements do most of the work, not your mouth.

6. Talking About Your Previous Lover In Bed

How would you like it if we did the same? Although you should tell your man what you would like him to do in bed, don’t relate a technique to your previous lover or reference him in any way in bed. That is the last place we want to hear about him.

It makes us think that he did a better job of satisfying you and that we’ll never live up to your expectations. In our minds, we’ll always be competing with him and believe that you can’t stop thinking about him.

7. Always Expecting Him To Be Ready

Although men think about sex a lot, they are not always in the mood for it. Men aren’t born with a switch that they can flip to make them jump on you. The same way you are tired, worried or stressed on certain days, which makes you not sex, so is he.

Believe it or not, some days men don’t want sex. Forcing him to switch into sex-mode isn’t going to work. It might put him off even more. If you want to have sex with him and he’s not in the mood, try giving him a massage, then follow up with some foreplay.

8. Not Open To Exploring

Some men make ridiculous demands in bed, and others are rational. Perhaps, your man wanting a threesome with your sister might be inexcusable, but he’s not asking for too much if he wants to try a new position.

Doing the same routine in bed becomes boring for men, so they want to try new things. Being closed-minded in bed is one of the easiest ways to frustrate men. If he’s demand is reasonable, then it won’t hurt you to try. For all you know, you might end up liking it.

9. Refusing To Perform Oral Sex

It’s not a secret that many women don’t like performing oral sex on men. Some of them do it because it pleases their men, and others refuse. Nobody can make you do anything in bed, but it’s important to understand your aversion to oral sex.

For many men, oral sex is pleasurable and an important part of intimacy. If you don’t enjoy oral sex, then discuss it with your partner, but don’t be disgusted at the prospect. It makes some men feel less attractive.

10. Being Too Timid

Sex should be pleasurable, but it should also be enjoyable. You shouldn’t settle for rough treatment during sex if you don’t want that, but increasing the pace or being a bit wilder than usual shouldn’t be out of the question.

Sometimes, men want to let loose and bang hard. When a woman is always timid and not prepared to speed things up or get a bit kinky, it can frustrate men. Doing the same thing at the same pace can get monotonous. Spice things up by trying new positions or thrusting faster.


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