Most men believe that they know what women want in bed and that everything sexual they do a woman will enjoy. That isn’t the case. There are several things that many men do in the bedroom that irritate women. Some of the things are a nuisance, while others are physically painful. To ensure that you please your lady and not irritate her in bed, I compiled a list of the most common sex mistakes men make.

1. Not Indulging In Foreplay

This is a big one. Most men can’t wait to slip off their jocks and stick it in so that the fun can begin. For women, the fun begins before that. Actually, to most women, the fun is limited if you skip the foreplay and rush into sex.

Men, think about it this way. If you were watching a movie, would you watch the first two minutes, then skip to the last two minutes to see the ending? That’s what it feels like for a woman when you leave out foreplay. You’re robbing them of the suspense, the climax and the happy ending.

By stimulating them emotionally, you get them to rush to the good stuff. That will increase their chances of having an earth-shattering orgasm.

2. First To Orgasm

This problem is tied to the first. When you rush to the good stuff, you leave her behind. Women want you to make them feel special by giving them what they want before you pleasure yourself. If you do that, she’ll return the favour.

Take it slow so that she can orgasm first. Satisfying her should also leave you satisfied. She’ll thank you by ensuring that you also orgasm.

3. Being Too Rough

There’s kinky; then there’s painful. Perhaps, hurting her might turn you on, but it’s not pleasurable for her. Some women like to be choked or spanked, but that doesn’t mean that you should hurt her.

Being too rough puts her off and could result in the sexual tension you’ve built up to subside. The last thing you want to do is to go back to square one. If your woman wants you to choke or spank her, a good rule of thumb is to start light.

Don’t apply too much pressure. Be gentle. If she wants it harder, she’ll tell you. Don’t go from 0 to 100 km/h in two seconds. Work your way up to it if that’s what she wants.

4. Dirty Talk In A Vulgar Way

The line between dirty talk and offending her is thin. Doing the latter will put her off. It’s easy to get caught up in a moment of passion and let your desires be known verbally.

Most women enjoy dirty talk since it helps them to fulfill their fantasy more. Although your fantasy might be to call her all kinds of filthy names, it might not be her idea of fun. The safest route is to discuss words that are unacceptable before sex. Some women don’t like to be called bitches, while others want to be called dirty sluts during sex. Each to their own, but it’s your job as the man to find out what’s appropriate.

5. Falling Asleep Immediately After Sex

Ejaculation is a wonderful thing for men. When it happens, we feel that the frustration we’ve built up has left our system, and our energy has depleted. The last thing we want to do is small talk. The only thing on our minds is to take a nap, which would complete the perfect day.

Women don’t feel the same. Although you might’ve banged her brains out and called her all kinds of names that she enjoyed, she wants to feel that you didn’t use her only for sex. That means cuddling with her or, at the least, talking to her after you’ve shot a load. Women are more emotional than us.

6. Shaming Her Body

If you want her to drop from a climax to stone-cold bitchy in a second, then you should comment negatively about her body. Women want to feel sexy and for you to adore their bodies. The last thing she wants to hear after taking off her clothes is that you think her love handles are a bit loose or that her bush could use a trimming.

Pulling faces is just as bad. Most women are more self-conscious about their bodies than men. By pointing out her insecurities, you make her feel less attractive and take her focus away from focusing on reaching an orgasm.

7. Pulling A Fast One On Her

Picture this: everything is going well during sex. You’re enjoying it, and she loves it. Then, out of nowhere, you decide to stick three fingers up her bum. If she likes such surprises, then you might be in for an even better time, but the chances are high that she won’t.

As men, we tend to change what’s working and shift into a gear that grinds. Unexpected surprises that hurt aren’t enjoyable for a woman, so you should tread carefully. Another example would be ejaculating on her face. She might not enjoy that, so you could potentially ruin her entire experience if she was enjoying the sex.

8. Thinking You Know What She Wants

Most of us think we know what women want in bed, but some of us don’t. We’ve got an idea of what most women enjoy in bed, but every woman is different. Your last five bed mates might’ve enjoyed anal sex, but that doesn’t mean that your current girlfriend will.

Women will let you know what they don’t want, either by telling you or using their body language. You should listen. Ignoring what she’s communicating will make her irritated and could result in her loss of libido.

9. Not Practising Hygiene Before Sex

Make sure that you are clean before you take your clothes off. To some women, that could mean waxing so that you have no hair on your body, but it definitely means that you should keep your genitals and mouth clean.

Most women don’t want you to kiss them if you’ve got bad breath or to have a 69er and you’re on top, but you forgot to wipe your ass properly. This is a rule that most men know, but some don’t obey. Keep it clean.

10. Make Her Do All The Work

It takes two to tango. That means you have to meet her halfway. Sure, there are days when she knows you’re tired and doesn’t mind doing all the work, but don’t make that a routine.

Women want to be satisfied in the same way we do. Thinking that she’s getting as much pleasure from a blow job as you are might be a false assumption. Work on her just as much as she’s working on you, if not more. She’ll appreciate the effort and will reward you.

There are numerous other mistakes, but these are the most common sex mistakes men make that women hate. By eliminating the above problems, you increase your chances of satisfying her and yourself.


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