Sex toys is a billion-dollar industry. There are numerous manufacturers that have produced all kinds of sex toys, so the market is saturated with them, but it seems that consumers can’t get enough. Every year, the sex toy industry grows by billions of dollars. Vibrators still remain the most popular sex toy. After all, if you want to make a million, create a product for men. If you want to make a billion, make a product for women. With so many different types, how does a woman know which are the best vibrators?

I compiled a list of the types of vibrators that women enjoy the most. You’ll find that there are numerous retailers who sell the vibrators I’ve mentioned in the article and their variations, so it’s up to you to choose the brand. Some brands are better than others, but a good starting point is to know the types of vibrators that will give you the most pleasure.

Rabbit Vibrator

Most women who are curious about vibrators have said that they either own a rabbit vibrator or want to own one. That makes it one of the most popular types of vibrators, but it also sells well. Even some experts have stated that the rabbit vibrator should be the go-to toy.

So, what makes it so special? If you want optimal pleasure, you’re going to have to work the internal and external. That means stimulating your G-spot and your clitoris simultaneously. A rabbit vibrator will provide that service.

This vibrator got its name from the so-called rabbit ears that are towards the end of the vibrator. The rabbit ears are positioned perfectly to stimulate a clitoris while the vibrator works the vagina. Since the original days of the rabbit vibrator, its definition has slightly changed, as many women view a sex toy to be a rabbit vibrator if it has a longer end to insert vaginally and a shorter end to stimulate the clitoris, thereby providing dual stimulation. The shorter end doesn’t necessarily have to look like rabbit ears.

Instead of using a regular vibrator for vaginal stimulation and needing the other hand for clitoral stimulation, the rabbit vibrator does both for you. That frees your one hand to touch other areas.

Wand Vibrator

It might as well be a magic wand since it performs magic. This vibrator has garnered such a great reputation that it’s become a classic. It looks similar to a personal massage device used for back pain, but the big difference is that it will subside your pain and fill you with pleasure.

Generally, it has a uniform rod with a semi-flexible head at the end. Most of them vibrate only at the head and are bigger than regular vibrators. That’s for a good reason. You’re supposed to use it around your clitoris or angle the head and shove it inside your vagina.

Wand vibrators from reputable brands will have 20 vibration patterns and 10-speed modes, not to mention that it’s USB rechargeable.

Bullet Vibrator

Otherwise known as a mini vibrator, the bullet will shoot inside you and get you dripping. If you wanted to use a vibrator discreetly outside of your house, then the bullet vibrator is right up your alley or vagina.

Although it’s smaller than a regular vibrator, the bullet vibrator will satisfy you. They are shaped like a bullet and some of the things that make them kinky are that they are portable and discreet, quiet to avoid detection and easy to use, but you get all the benefits of a classic vibrator.

Don’t let the size of the bullet vibrator fool you to believe that it won’t give you pleasure. Some sex coaches have stated that a bullet vibrator should be the first sex toy purchased since it focuses on the glans, which is your clitoris’ head and where most women see the potential for an orgasm.

Clitoral Suction & G-Spot Vibrator

Much like a rabbit vibrator, clitoral suction and G-spot provides dual stimulation. The big difference is that the clitoral suction vibrator, as the name suggests, sucks and pulses against the clitoris from the one side while the opposite side slots into the vagina to target the G-spot.

The good models have 10 vibration patterns and 10 suction patterns, as well as a firm silicone shaft, enabling you to explore your sugar walls. Since the material is body-safe silicone, it’s soft and hygienic. It features an orgasmic suction, which encircles your clit to give you intense stimulation. Since it’s waterproof, you can have fun with it in the bath.

You can use the suction and vibrating functions at the same time to give you an intense orgasm.

Air-Pulse Clitoral Stimulator

This vibrator doesn’t look like a traditional vibrator; that’s because it’s not. Although it vibrates, air-pulse clitoral stimulator provides you the ultimate external experience. It contains an open-ended tip at the end of the shaft and pressure-wave technology to stimulate your clitoris.

The non-contact, pressure-wave technology provides similar sensations you feel during oral sex with the feeling of suction and pulsation. Although it has a strong motor, it is fairly quiet and has a skin-friendly silicone head that surrounds your clitoris.

What kind of pleasure would you receive? The same you would as if someone was giving you great oral sex since it sucks on your clitoris. The great feature is the 11 intensity levels that you can switch through to find the sweet spot.

When you use it at lower intensities, the air-pulse clitoral stimulator will make you feel like it’s foreplay, teasing you and building up to the orgasm. Whereas with higher intensities, you can orgasm faster. Some women recommend a moderate intensity, as it provides optimal pleasure.

An important thing to keep in mind with this vibrator is that you need to keep it tightly sealed. If your vibrator tip isn’t completely sealed off, the suction will not be as effective.

These types of vibrators are also known as clitoral oral sex vibrators.


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