Life, work and stress can get in the way of a woman’s desire to have sex. There are times also when she’s upset with her partner, prompting her to keep a mental and physical distance from him. The distance between you and her can be reduced if you can get her in the mood for sex. Men can do several things to change a woman’s mood and make her aroused.

Surprise Her With A Romantic Dinner

Women love to feel special, like they are the only woman in the world for you. Make her feel that way by surprising her with a romantic dinner, preferably at your place. That’ll give you the comfort of privacy and the space to cook up what you want. She’ll appreciate your effort.

Surprises also change a person’s train of thought, and if she’s been under the weather the whole day, a romantic dinner will put her on a different path. You’ll get bonus points if you include flowers and chocolates.

Change The Scenery

Everyday life can get mundane. Even the most successful relationships need to spice things up by changing things. The best way to put her on a different mental road is to change the scenery. People get a different perspective on things and feel differently when they have changed their surroundings.

You can surprise her by booking a weekend getaway at a retreat or sailing on a yacht. Any place or activities that make her happy will work in your favour because she will attribute those emotions to you. If you take her away for the weekend, adding a romantic dinner to the occasion will take you to the next level.

Bring Out The Sexy Talk, Not The Dirty

The last thing she wants to hear from you when she’s in a bad mood or upset with you is that you think she’s the wildest slut you’ve seen in the doggy style. That’s more likely to upset her further than get her to cosy up to you. Opt for sexy talk such as telling her that she looks adorable when she sways her hips or that she looks amazing in her favourite pants.

You can do this when she gets back home and tell her you couldn’t wait for her to get home to tell her. An even more random scenario is sending a text to tell her you just thought of it and couldn’t help but share. Compliment her about something she’s most proud of, whether it be a physical feature or an accomplishment. Sexy talk might change her mood but might not get her to want to have sex. It’s a step in the right direction, so follow through with some touching and kissing.

Give Her A Massage

This works like a charm. You can even incorporate it with the sexy talk. Start with that, then move on to the physicality by massaging her. Or you can start by rubbing her shoulders or feet. Introduce the topic by telling her that her shoulders look tense or that she looks stressed out and a massage will do her wonders.

Not only will a massage teleport her to a happier place, but she will get aroused by your touch. The best place to do it is on a bed. She’ll be completely relaxed and removing her clothes so that the massage is more effective with your hands touching her skin will be natural. Once things get steamy, you should transition to foreplay to increase your chances of mind-shattering orgasms.


When she’s lying in bed or on the couch, lie next to her and spoon her. Not in a sexual way, but in a caring way. Ask her about her day or what’s bothering her. She wants to know that you care about what she’s feeling, and she will appreciate your effort to change her mood.

While you’re rubbing her arm, you can softly peck her cheek and compliment her. But don’t make her feel that you’re not listening to what she’s saying because she wants to know you’ve lent her your ears and given her an outlet to get things off her chest.


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