Romance books have become extremely popular, with more than $1 billion in annual sales. That’s more than most genres combined. It’s fair to say that romance books are extremely popular and have paved the way for a steamier subgenre known as erotic romance. Reading erotica has proven to provide us with several benefits.

Relieves Stress

After you’ve had a long day at work, nothing beats putting your feet up after dinner and picking up a good erotic novel. It allows you to escape reality for a few minutes by submerging yourself in vivid details in the book.

It’s almost like a brain vacation where the steamy dialogue and raunchy sex scenes teleport you to a fantasy world that’s devoid of daily problems that most people deal with. Don’t be surprised for oxytocin to kick in, which stimulates warmth and relaxation.

It Can Unlock Your Sex Drive

Everyone goes through a sex life slump, where they lack the drive to have sex. It could be because they’re tired of the same old thing with their partner or low libido. Many people suffer from low libido due to fatigue, stress and relationship issues.

Some of them have turned to erotica to get themselves in the mood, and it’s working. Women have reported that it helps them get turned on, and some have gotten so swept away in the fantasy that it has led to masturbation and them craving sex with their partner.

It’s not true that most erotica readers are women. As for the statistics of my blog and podcast, I can attest that most of my audience is male.

Can Lead to a Better Sex Life

Although erotic novels are mostly based on fiction, it’s not to say that you can’t make it a reality. If you’re tired of the same thing in bed, erotica can help you become more creative. Some stories may contain things that you’ve never even thought of doing or may provide dirty talk to make sex with your partner steamier.

Erotica can help you overcome shyness in the bedroom. You might be the type to hold back talking during sex out of fear of embarrassing yourself. If the dialogue in the novels turned you on, the chances are high that it might do the same for your partner, so give them a try.

If you’ve never tried BDSM or another fetish, reading it in a novel and trying it in your bedroom might open up a whole new world for you. It could unleash the secret desires you’ve suppressed for a long time and make you come out of your shell.

Improves Relationships

One of the biggest barriers to a successful relationship is communication. Some of us don’t know how to communicate with our partners, and others don’t want to out of fear of being judged.

Erotica gives you ideas about how to approach your partner about your desires. It also makes you realise that your partner might be hiding sex fantasies that the two of you possibly share. Your urge to explore the acts in erotic novels motivates you to convey your desires to your partner and opens up communication on a new level.



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