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Olivia found herself in the library again, reading adventure books. She thought that college would be different from high school, but she was friendless and lacked fun. She enjoyed reading books, but she also wanted to try something new. It would be nice if she could meet someone who could show her fun.

Hank meandered in the library, pretending to be searching for a good novel to read, but he was looking for a virgin. That was his initiation task if he wanted the Master Prize, and he figured the library was the best place to find her.

He spotted a girl with tied brown hair and glasses in front of her green eyes. She’s the one, thought Hank.

“Hi. Sorry if I’m disturbing you,” he said. “I was fascinated by your look. You seem very interesting.”

Olivia blushed. She wasn’t used to compliments from young men or talking to them. “Thank you,” she said, smiling while lowering her gaze.

“Do you mind if I sit?”


“You new here?”

“This is my first year. You?”

“Me as well. What you reading there?” asked Hank.

“Oh, just a novel about a girl who gets tossed into this new lifestyle that she’s unaccustomed to, which is a stark contrast to the way she grew up on a farm. But she ends up embracing it and loving it because it’s something new and so unlike her.”

“Adventure keeps you young, as they say.” Hank cringed on the inside, knowing it was a stupid thing to say since they were both 19 years old. “You from Cali?” added Hank.

“No. I’m from Decorah, Iowa. This whole city is a bit overwhelming. I love this university, but it’s expensive, not to mention the dorms.”

“Oh, you’re staying at the dorms?”

“Yeah, I’m in Noble.”

“Oh, okay. I’m in Lincoln. Our dorms are big rivals,” said Hank.

“Yeah, I heard about that.”

“I’m with you on the high cost of living here in Cali. It especially becomes expensive when you have to repeat a year.”

Hank had already factored that in since he planned on partying as much as possible, so he knew that the probability of failing a few semesters was high. His parents agreed to pay his tuition, but they would pay the dorm if he passed his first year. Hank knew the chances of that were slim, so he had to make a plan.

Olivia was a straight-A student, so she received a bursary for her studies but not for the dorm. She knew her parents were struggling to pay, and she might have to drop out and go back home if she didn’t find a solution. She loved California and didn’t want to go back to small-town living. Olivia craved excitement.

“Do you have a boyfriend?”

“No,” said Olivia. “I’ve never had one, actually.”

Bells rang in Hank’s head. He knew he found his virgin and that the Master Prize was his for the taking.

“There’s a frat party happening that the Lincoln seniors organised. Would you like to join me?” asked Hank.

Olivia’s eyebrows raised as her lips stretched. “I’d love to.”

On the night of the party, Olivia wore a dress that reached above her knees and let her hair loose. She reminded herself to smile constantly so that she looked friendly and alluring. Like Hank, she was also on a mission.

She and Hank walked into the party venue together. Tables surrounded the venue and had ample alcoholic punch bowls. When Olivia looked around, she saw some girls twerking, guys smoking hookah, and one girl even gave a guy a blow job on the dance floor. Students surrounded them in a circle and recorded it on their phones.

Olivia’s eyes were wide as she shook her head, but the corners of her lips slightly curled. Although she was in disbelief, she welcomed the change of sitting in her room on a Friday night and reading.

She spotted two guys jumping up and down on the dance floor, having fun like it was the end of the world. She envied them for letting go, but she also thought that they were cute. Olivia also thought that Hank was good-looking, but the more, the merrier.

“You wanna get a drink?” asked Hank.

She had never tried alcohol, but she knew that she needed to loosen up if she was going to go through with her plan.

After having several punches, Olivia felt her pussy moisten. She was horny when she arrived at the party, but alcohol had helped her to loosen up and allow her to go after her prize.

Hank saw that she was smiling as she had her hand on his bicep, so he grabbed her hand and escorted her to the dance floor.

He flipped her around so that her back faced him. She backed her ass up on his boner and wiggled it. He grabbed her waist and thrust several times. Olivia couldn’t resist a smile, nor feeling his dick rub up on her tight ass. She wondered what it would feel like to have it inside her tight pussy.

Hank spun her around, and they gazed in each other’s eyes. He crashed his lips into hers, then shoved his tongue into her mouth.

Olivia closed her eyes and slightly stuck her tongue into his mouth, fearing that she would stick in too much.

Hank grabbed her hand and escorted her up to his room.

They sat on his bed, and Hank slid his hand up her leg as they made out. He leaned onto her, and she reclined on the bed. Hank spread her legs open and pulled down her panties.

He rubbed her clitoris, making Olivia close her eyes and moan. He licked her pussy while continuing with the stimulation. Olivia couldn’t resist squirting. Hank’s tongue on her pussy was too much for her to hold in.

He slowly stuck his dick inside her, making her wince. A smile appeared on his face as he felt her tightness. He also enjoyed that he was her first.

Olivia screamed as Hank sped up. His smile broadened, knowing that her tight pussy was stretching. That motivated him to drill her faster. Olivia didn’t mind. In fact, she loved it. She wanted him to bang her even harder, but she didn’t want to say it out of fear that it might be painful. She enjoyed the current tempo.

Hank lay on her and raked his fingers through the hair on her forehead. She was sweating, but Hank didn’t mind his face rubbing hers as he bobbed while in missionary.

He enjoyed banging her since he loved her tight pussy, but he wanted to feel her lips around his dick.

Hank stood up and said, “Come suck my dick.”

Olivia liked that Hank had commanded her, so she wanted to please him orally. She wrapped her lips around his dick and slurped and sucked simultaneously.

Hank’s moaning ensured her that she was doing a great job, but she wanted to make it more pleasurable. She also stimulated his anus and tickled his balls.

Hank climaxed and grimaced, trying to hold it in, but it was impossible. He busted a load on her face and smiled as it gushed out.

Olivia had hit the sweet spot, and there was no way for him to hold back. He didn’t have to because he was victorious. The Master Prize awaited him, and he couldn’t wait to claim it.

Hank escorted Olivia back to the dance floor at her request. He waved to the two cute guys that Olivia saw earlier. “You know them?” she asked.

“Yeah. I’m good friends with them. They’re on the same floor as me.”

Olivia knew that was the perfect set-up. “You wanna invite them upstairs to your room? I was hoping the four of us could have fun together.”

Hank’s eyes widened, but he tried to suppress any of his facial muscles from showing that he was gobsmacked. He couldn’t believe what came out of a woman’s mouth who was a virgin a few minutes ago.

“Sure,” he said.

Hank went to them and spoke, then escorted Olivia upstairs. The two guys arrived a few minutes later, not to arouse anyone’s suspicion. All of them going up at the same time would make Olivia believe that everyone would classify her as a slut.

She got on her knees, and the three guys surrounded her with their dicks out. She sucked one dick while jerking off another, then rotated until she blew everyone.

One guy lay on the bed, and Olivia lay on him with her back on his chest. He stuck his dick in her ass, and his friend got on top of Olivia and stuck his dick into her pussy.

Hank stood over Olivia’s head, then squatted, dipping his dick into her mouth. The three guys rotated positions, then were ready to erupt.

Olivia got on her knees, and the guys surrounded her and came on her face.

She was victorious, or so she thought.

The following day, Hank reported to his dorm seniors that he had slept with a virgin. Olivia had reported to her dorm seniors and said that she had completed her initiation of having a gang bang, so the Master Prize was hers. They had no idea that they were competing for the same prize.

The seniors of the two dorms came together to see who deserved the Master Prize. After deliberating, they called Olivia and Hank for the results.

Hank and Olivia frowned at each other when they walked into the meeting venue.

The two head seniors of the dorms stood in front of them, and the one said. “Olivia, Hank, we brought you here to relay our decision. We’ve never had both juniors complete their initiation in the history of the challenges. Hank, your initiation was to sleep with a virgin. You completed it. Olivia, your initiation was to have a gang bang. Well done. Only one of you can claim the dorm bursary, which will entitle you to free accommodation and food for the next three years, so you’ll have to sleep with each other again. The first to cum loses.”

Hank and Olivia looked at each other and smiled. They knew each other’s weaknesses, but who would be the first to get their shot?

They went to Olivia’s room. Hank couldn’t wait to spread her legs and lick her pussy as he knew that would make Olivia squirt.

He stood in front of the bed and looked down at her lying naked on it. He knew that victory was imminent. Hank turned around pulled off his shirt, then his pants and jocks. As he bent over, Olivia leapt off the bed, got on her knees behind him and grabbed his dick as she reached in between his legs, then licked his anus. Hank remained hunched over so that Olivia could stick her tongue further into his ass.

She did and jerked him as her licking got moister, and her tongue slid deeper into his ass. It was too much for Hank to bear, so he climaxed and shot out a load.

Olivia jumped to her feet, raised her fists above her head and shouted. “I win.”

Hank’s dick shrivelled up.



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