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Anna loved her life in New York. The bustling streets, skyscrapers and an abundance of diversity made the city her home, but having recently graduated from university and a desire to travel made her pack her bags and head to Europe.

She took a significant amount of money with her thanks to mom’s high-paying job as an advertising executive and the fact that mom felt bad for Anna because she grew up without a father. Mom worked seventy-hour weeks, so Anna leaving gave her an excuse to work even harder.

After a few months of trotting around France, Italy and Scandanavia, Anna found herself with limited funds. It wasn’t only travel and accommodation expenses that depleted her money; she also couldn’t resist buying designer bags and jewellery.

She thought about calling mom and asking for more money, but she wanted to prove to herself and mom that she could take care of herself. Anna figured that a money-making opportunity would pop up during her travels, but that wasn’t the case.

She found herself standing outside of a shop in Switzerland, holding a sandwich and two hundred dollars in her purse, which cost more. She looked around and saw big houses, people driving luxury cars and carrying several shopping bags. Thinking about her careless spending habits and dire situation made her lower her gaze to the ground and tuck her head in between her shoulders.

Steve was about to enter the shop that Anna stood next to when he saw tears sliding down her face. Something about her pale skin and brown hair hanging over her face made him feel sorry for her. He stepped towards her.

“Hey, are you okay?”

Anna was embarrassed to look up and show her tears. After all, she was supposed to be independent and strong. She nodded, hoping that it was enough for the man to leave.

Steve wanted to help, but he sensed that the young lady didn’t want him around, so he walked into the shop. He couldn’t keep his mind off her as he picked items off the shelf.

After he got into his Maybach, Steve drove home. On the way, he saw Anna walking. He pulled over and opened the passenger window. “You need a lift somewhere?” he asked.

Anna shook her head. “I’m fine. It’s not like I have anywhere to go.”

Hearing that pulled Steve’s heartstrings. He got out of the car and opened the passenger door. “Would you like to come in? I live just down the road.”

Not having many prospects, Anna got into the car. She wiped her tears and grunted as Steve walked around the car.

Five minutes later, Steve pulled up to his house. Anna got out, and her eyes widened and lips parted as she looked up at the three-storey villa. She had seen fancy penthouses in New York, but not houses as big as Steve’s.

“Wow, this place looks amazing,” said Anna.

“Thank you.”

Steve opened the front door and gestured for Anna to step inside. He gave a tour of the house, then asked her for her favourite part.

“Although I love your cinema, I must say that the jacuzzi in the master bedroom and everything about it is divine.”

Steve’s chef was making sushi, so he offered Anna lunch. “Sure,” she said.

After lunch, they sat by the pool and sipped cocktails.

“You live an amazing life, Steve.”

“Thank you. Building up a jewellery company took years and deprived me of time, so I wasn’t able to build a family, but it definitely has its perks.”

“So you don’t have a wife?”



“Unfortunately, not. I’d love to leave all of this behind to someone.” Steve looked down and pursed his lips. “The years caught up to me. And now, I’m 53 and all by myself.”

“Sorry. I’m sure you’ll be fine.” Anna looked at her watch. “I guess I should be going.”

“Where’re you off to?”

She shrugged. “Don’t know.”

“You’re welcome to stay here. I’ve got more than enough space.”

The offer was alluring to Anna. Steve seemed nice, and she could figure out where she would go the following day. “You sure it’s not gonna be a problem?” she asked.

“Not at all.”

Anna had five guest bedrooms to choose from. She chose the one with the biggest balcony and windows.

While in bed, Steve couldn’t help but think about going to Anna’s bedroom, hoping that she’d offer sex. He didn’t want to creep her out and chase her away, so he opted for jerking off. He figured that Anna would open her legs if he proved to be a hospitable host.

Steve went to work the following morning, but he told Anna to use all of the amenities. Her stomach was full after breakfast, so she lay on the massive sofa in the cinema and watched movies. Before lunch, she trained at the gym, then stuffed herself with seafood that the chef had prepared.

Steve got home at 8 pm and found Anna by the pool.

“Hope you enjoyed yourself today?” he asked.

“I did. It was wonderful. I didn’t want to leave before I thanked you.”

He frowned. “Where you going?”

Anna rolled her eyes and smiled. “I’ll figure it out along the way.”

“You’re more than welcome to stay here until you figure out.”

She dropped her shoulders and pouted. “I don’t want to be a burden.”

“You’re not. I enjoy having you here. Really,” said Steve and smiled.

Anna’s eyebrows neared, and lines appeared on her forehead as she asked, “You sure?”


Anna got more comfortable at Steve’s house with every day that passed. The longer she stayed, the more it made sense not to leave.

Two weeks had passed, and Anna knew that Steve expected her to add value to his life as he did to hers. The best way she knew how was with her body.

After dinner, Steve was sipping on wine in the lounge when Anna walked in wearing a see-through nightgown. She wore only a lacey g-string, her nipples hard. Steve gaped at her as he slowly put the glass on the coffee table.

She smiled as she walked towards him in high heels. Steve stood up and looked at her body, then her eyes. The nightgown dropped on the floor as Steve slipped it off. He grabbed Anna’s shoulders, then slid his hands down to her breasts and cupped them.

Her smile showed Steve that she enjoyed it, so he sucked her nipple while caressing the other breast. His lips lowered to her abdomen. Then, he got on his knees and looked at her groin. He pulled down her g-string and stared at her pussy.

Anna sat on the white couch and spread her legs open. Steve was kneeling in front of the couch as he grabbed her legs and licked her pussy. She closed her eyes and clutched a fist of his hair. Steve raised his eyes to her as she moaned. He loved that he was pleasuring her.

Steve stood up, and Anna sat up and unbuckled his belt, then pulled down his pants. She grabbed his dick and shoved it into her mouth. Steve’s hands were on her shoulders as he looked up and exhaled a breath of relief. It had been a while since someone had polished his stick.

He loved that she licked his balls and fiddled around his ass.

Anna turned her back to Steve and crawled onto the couch. He looked at her ass and smiled, eager to stick his dick inside her pussy. He squeezed her cheeks and shook them, making him smile as they wobbled.

Steve stuck his dick in Anna and grabbed her small waist. She lowered her head, closed her eyes and moaned as he penetrated. Steve ran his hand down her leg, then stuck his dick into her ass. It was tight like he thought it would be.

Steve grabbed Anna’s leg under her knee and raised it. Only her hands and left knee was on the couch as Steve increased the pace of the penetration. His hard dick stretched Anna’s tight ass, so she screamed and reached for the backrest. She clutched a cushion as Steve banged her harder.

Minutes later, Steve sat on the couch and reclined on the cushions. Anna sat on top of him and bounced. He squeezed her tits as she pressed her hands on his chest, looked up and screamed.

After jumping on Steve for some time, Anna stopped, bowed her head and panted as sweat covered her forehead. She turned her back to him and reclined on his chest. Steve grabbed her ankles and spread her legs wide apart as he thrust. Anna’s forehead wrinkled as she screamed.

Several minutes later, Steve felt his load ready to erupt and thought about pulling out, but he came inside her pussy.

For the following month, they had sex every day. Anna couldn’t get enough of it, and Steve loved cumming inside her.

The last Friday of the month arrived, and Steve couldn’t wait to get home and bang Anna the entire weekend. He walked into the house, smiling, flung his briefcase onto the sofa and said, “I’m home.”

Nobody responded. “Anna,” he called out. No response.

He went to the bedroom and didn’t find her there. After checking the cinema, Steve went into the gym. Anna was nowhere to be seen. After searching the entire house, Steve called the chef, who told him that he didn’t see Anna the whole day.

Steve’s eyebrows perked up as he remembered that he had shown Anna the safe in his bedroom.

He burst into the bedroom, pulled the painting and typed in the code. Steve closed his eyes after he saw the empty safe. He was disappointed more than anything else. Steve could replace money easily but not company. He showed Anna the safe in case she needed emergency cash, but she was vindictive enough to take the diamond necklace as well.

Staying with Steve was great for Anna, but she had to prove to herself and mom that she was independent and strong. That couldn’t happen if she was staying with Steve, but she needed funds to support herself until she got back on her feet.

Steve hired a private investigator to track down Anna. The least he wanted was an explanation and his necklace.

Three weeks later, Steve was in New York, looking up at a building. He got into an elevator and headed to the eleventh floor, then rang a bell.

The door opened, and Anne’s eyes almost popped out of her sockets.

“What are you doing here?” she asked.

It took Anne only two weeks to spend the money she stole from Steve, so she had nowhere else to go but home. So much for being independent and strong.

“I want an explanation and my necklace back.”

“You have to go. My mom is going to be here any minute,” she said and pushed the door.

Steve put his hand out and prevented her from closing it. “I said I want an explanation. Otherwise, I’m calling the police.”

Anna kept looking at him.

“Fine,” said Steve and pulled out his phone before dialling.

“You can’t call the police.”

“Why not?”

“I can’t go to jail. I’m pregnant.”

Steve lowered his phone slowly as he gaped at her. “Is it mine?”

She frowned. “Of course it’s yours.”

The first thought to pop into Steve’s head was leaving his empire to his son. He wanted to leave a legacy behind and for his son to carry on running the business. The only way to ensure that Anna would give birth to the child was by having her by his side and keeping an eye on her.

Anna’s mom arrived home half an hour later, and they discussed the situation for the next few hours. Anna had only two options. The one was jail.

The following day, Anna packed her bags and flew to Switzerland with Steve.

Steve worked from home until Anna gave birth to make sure that he got a child. Nine months later, they welcomed a baby boy, Joshua.

Since Steve hadn’t been to the office in months, he needed to make up for all of the business trips he missed, so he told Anna that he was going away for a few weeks.

The following night, Anna arrived at Zurich Airport, holding Joshua in one arm and Steve’s emergency cash in the other.

As she made her way to the terminal, she heard, “Anna.”

She turned around and saw Steve. He approached her and took Joshua. “I thought you were away on a business trip,” she said.

“No, that was a trick. You see, Anna, business has taught me that a tiger doesn’t change its stripes. I knew you’d do this.”

“Then why make me come live here with you?”

“Because I wanted a son.”

“So, you used me?”

“The same way you did me. Karma’s a nasty little thing. Good luck,” said Steve, then turned around and walked away with Joshua.



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