Although I love writing erotica, my first book was a non-fiction biography called Shatter Self-Limiting Beliefs. In the book, I explore all of the things that kept me back from having the life that I wanted and how I overcame them. I also wrote techniques and practical exercises to overcome fear, self-doubt and anxiety.

I enjoyed writing about my life and showing people how they can improve theirs, but I felt that non-fiction limited me. My hand itched to write taboo topics, feature naked characters and write series. That wasn’t really possible with non-fiction. The other advantage of fiction was that I could make anything up.

I started writing short stories about couples and how they struggled with their relationships. The problem I encountered with writing romance was that I felt I was still limiting myself. Something was missing…


I wanted to express my characters’ desires in every way, and I felt that the romance genre was softcore. To make my readers connect with my characters, I wanted them to get insight into their deepest, darkest desires.

Erotica was perfect for that. Not only could I make my characters say things that weren’t too outlandish for the romance genre, but I could vividly portray what they were doing to each other. Once I integrated steamy scenes into my writing, I felt liberated. Not to mention that sex sells.

My latest novel, My Wife and Girlfriend, is filled with steamy scenes. Yet, I’ve included suspense, humour and even investing advice. If you enjoy reading my short stories, you’re going to love the novel.

Apart from erotica, I also write sex articles on this blog. I love doing that because sex is a very important aspect of our lives, and I always strive to entertain and educate through the articles.

Exploring the Unknown

There are several topics in erotica that I wasn’t familiar with until I became involved with the genre. One of them was BDSM. Writing a BDSM story required me to research the lifestyle, and I found that regular, everyday people were living it.

Learning about BDSM led me to explore topics such as cuckold and wife swapping. The key thing that happened to me as I wrote about those topics is that I became more open-minded, and the knowledge gave me ideas about what to do in bed.

Now, the kinker the topic, the more I’m interested to learn and explore.

Writing erotica opened up a new world to me and made me come out of my shell. It gave me the freedom to put my inhibitions aside and allowed me to become more sexual in my personal life.

It’s Controversial

Can you believe that some countries frown upon erotica, even though they’re usually the most populated of all nations? I can’t believe that sex is a taboo topic in some parts of the world, and it’s the controversy that inspires me to write it. After all, pushing some buttons and making people’s heads perk up isn’t always bad, especially when you use erotica to do it.

Life is dull without controversy.

The controversy surrounding erotica hasn’t always helped erotica writers. Some popular retailers refuse to sell it, and Amazon doesn’t allow erotica advertising. While it has impeded us in certain ways, it has made us seek alternative ways of promoting our writing, hence this blog.

If it weren’t for erotica, I probably never would’ve started this blog. At the time of writing, I’m approaching one hundred pieces on this blog, a mixture of short stories and articles that I’ve written over a year and a half.

Starting this blog was probably the best thing I ever did.

Writing a controversial topic such as erotica has also given us erotica writers an advantage over other writers. If you keep censoring a topic that many people find interesting, they will work harder to find ways to get to it. So erotica readers are some of the most loyal readers.

Anything Goes

When readers pick up an erotic novel, they know that they can expect just about anything. They’re prepared for swearing, hardcore sex and taboo topics such as incest. While I generally keep my erotica clean (free of swearing and incest), I do include it when it’s crucial to the plot.

Erotica readers are usually open-minded people, and they enjoy it when the writer pushes the limits. That’s why my stories sometimes have a vindictive ending and don’t always end with a happy-ever-after. I love that about erotica.

While many erotica writers choose to make sex the primary aspect of the plot, I incorporate several genres. In my novel My Wife and Girlfriend, somebody gets shot, financial mistakes are ubiquitous and life lessons are predominant. An erotic novel doesn’t always have to focus on sex.

I prefer to sprinkle sex on my plot as opposed to making it the central focus.



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