We’ve all dreamt about being in bed with somebody and things we’d do them. But what if the best intimacy you’ll have in your life is by yourself? Is it possible to have more pleasure by yourself than a partner?

For you to have sex with someone, you need to have self-love. By that, I mean you need to be comfortable in your own skin—feel secure about the way you look and the value you can add to a bed partner.

Some people feel that is too much pressure and cannot rise to the occasion.

A UK survey reported that 52% of female participants said that they were reluctant to have sex with their partners because they lacked confidence about their bodies. There’s also the safety aspect to consider if you’ve just met someone.

One of my friends said that the best intimacy he ever had was by himself, and that’s coming from a guy who has been with several women.

So, is it possible to derive more pleasure by yourself than with a partner?

It is. You take a tremendous amount of pressure off when you don’t have anyone to please but yourself. While some women are self-conscious of their bodies, some men might be worried that their penis size doesn’t meet their partner’s criteria.

Then, there’s the intimacy. Some men might think that their partner expects them to make them squirt, while women might think that the man expects them to make all kinds of noises.

When you’re touching only yourself, you can be completely relaxed. There’s nobody to judge you, and you can take your time. You can let your imagination run wild and explore things that some partners might not want to do with you.

The moment is all about you. Touching all parts of your body can boost your confidence if you’re self-conscious about the way you look. It also helps you relax and can take your arousal to new heights.

If you want, you can use toys or simply masturbating might do the trick. Some experts believe that the best way to reconnect with yourself is through self-pleasure. Touch all parts of your body and enjoy it.

The thing about self-pleasure is that it helps you become a better sexual partner. Satisfying others begins with you. You have to be comfortable with yourself first before you can become comfortable around others.

Another perk of self-intimacy is practice for intimacy with a partner. All the fantasies that flood your mind during self-intimacy can give you ideas about what to do with someone. It also allows you to get used to the pace of your arousal and climax.

When you are intimate by yourself, you don’t have to worry about pregnancy or catching a disease. Sure, having a sexual partner also has tremendous perks, but start with yourself. Once you’re comfortable in your own skin, being with somebody is going to be even better. Or you might find that nobody can pleasure you the way you can yourself.

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