One of the reasons that the number of people you’ve had sex with comes up is that your potential partner might judge you to see if you’re so-called high-quality. Some people find it a turn-off when their potential partner has slept with too many people. What that number is varies for each person, and you’re the one who decides what’s too much. Although, it might be of interest to you to know how many sexual partners is too many for others.

Various studies have concluded the average number of sexual partners a person has had. Some have concluded that 7 sexual partners is the average in America. Others have said that 4 to 8 sexual partners is average. So, let’s use 4 to 8 parters as the average.

It would be interesting to know what women consider to be a high number and the same for men. So, I did some research and found responses from both genders.

The average number of partners that women are okay with men having is 15. Some said that they were okay with 20 while others drew the line at 10. There were also women who weren’t phased by the number and said that all that mattered was that their number wasn’t higher.

Even more important than numbers was safety. Most women emphasised the need for men to practise safe sex.

How did men feel about the issue?

Men said that the average number they were okay with women to have was 14. Considering that women tend to be more flexible on the number of sexual partners and stated 15 as their ideal number, 14 for men seems a bit high. Another study concluded that men said that they didn’t mind if a woman had 7 sexual partners. That sounds more right considering that many men prefer women who had only a few partners.

What about sex with virgins?

Most people were okay with having sex with a virgin. Some of the people who had an issue with it stated that if a person was a virgin past a certain age, then something was wrong with them. Other people preferred partners who were experienced because they believed that the sex would be better than with someone inexperienced.


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