You’ve met someone new. You’re on a date with them, and things are going great. After the date, you’re uncertain if you should take it to the next level, so you wonder about the protocol. Is it okay to be intimate on the first date?

Only you can really answer that question, but some guidance might help. Your morals and values will ultimately determine what you decide, but it also helps to know other people’s perspectives.

It’s usually women who are apprehensive about having sex on the first date because they feel that men will judge them and not want to see them later because they might feel that she is a whore.

A survey conducted on 1,000 women between 18-35 years old concluded that eighty-three per cent of women thought that men would lose interest in them if they slept with them too soon. So, if you’re a lady, you’re not the only one who feels that way. But that’s not to say that men feel the same.

Seventy per cent of men surveyed said that wasn’t true. They said that if they were interested, it didn’t matter.

Sure, there’ll always be people who are looking for a hit and run, but generally, sex on the first date will not affect how that person feels about you.

It takes two to have sex, so if the other person judges you for sleeping with them on the first date, they’re being a hypocrite.

Some women view having sex on the first date as a way to test men. If he doesn’t judge her, she feels appreciated for being open about her sexuality. Then after the sex, she feels more comfortable getting to know him. If he judges her, she doesn’t have to waste her time with him.

The only issue that may arise is when one person expects a relationship after the sex, but the other didn’t have the same in mind. If that’s you, it’s best to ask your date where they see things going. The last thing you want to do is feel used after the sex.

If sleeping with someone really isn’t your thing, then nobody should make you feel pressured to do it. Just know that you’re not the only one to have sex on the first date, there’s nothing wrong with it, and most men will not think differently of you.


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