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I walked into the office at nine-thirty in the morning and went to my desk. I felt I had the right to come in late since I worked late every night, and the company would’ve been the one to suffer a loss if I left, not me.

“Would you be a sweetheart and get me a cup of coffee?” I asked Mia.

She gaped at me as if I had horns on my head.

She came back a few minutes later, put a cup on my table and then sarcastically said, “There you go, boss.”

I planned to fire Mia first the moment I got promoted to department manager. Her attitude didn’t fit in with Pascal & Pearce’s culture. Although I was an account executive, I felt that my work efforts made me superior to the peasants I worked with. They just simply were not on my level, and I deserved to run the entire company if you ask me.

For the following three weeks, I worked until eleven pm every night and from home on weekends to get the Walsch account. If I snatched it from our rivals, my promotion was imminent.

I drank energy drinks to keep up the momentum and squeezed in a massage once a week to loosen myself up. I was at the gym at four-thirty in the morning to build up energy so that I could get through the day.

By the end of the third week, my eyelids dipped, and I struggled to keep my head up during the night at my desk. My neck cracked when I twisted it, and I badly wanted to go to bed.

I stood up, shook off the tension in my shoulders as I skipped in front of my desk and broadened my eyes, then got back to work.

The following morning was the presentation to the Walsch executives. The excitement of getting the account refuelled my body with energy.

I nailed the presentation, and I was certain that it was better than our competitor’s.

“We’re going to go with Jaden Corp,” said the Walsch executive. “We felt that it was more in line with our branding.”

My eyes closed as I lowered my chin and felt all of the energy drain from my body. How the hell could this happen? I worked my butt off to perfect it.

Seeing the Jaden Corp account managers clench their fists and teeth made me want to bash in their heads. It felt like they were rubbing their victory in my face.

I got to the office an hour later. “Riche, I heard about the Walsch account,” said the CEO as I walked past his office.

I popped my head into his office. “Sorry about that. I was certain that we’d get it. I don’t know where I went wrong.”

“Riche, look. You worked really hard for it. I can see on your face that you’re exhausted. Your shoulders are tense. You look stiffer than a robot. Maybe, you should take a break.”

” I should get back to work.”

“The next presentation is only next month. Take a load off. Get some rest, so you come back refreshed and stronger than ever before.”

He was right. My desk was the last place where I wanted to be. It would serve as a constant reminder of the Walsch account defeat. I needed to get out. “All right. I’ll take you up on that offer.”

A tour agent had suggested that I get away to an island called Matamanio. She said it was pretty much deserted and had a beautiful beach. That was exactly what I needed. The last thing I wanted was to be around alpha men who were strong competition.

I looked out of the plane window and saw the island. It was covered with bushy, green trees, and the sandy beach was white and clean. The baby blue sea was crystal clear and looked inviting for a dip.

The only two people at the lodge were the porter and the receptionist. “Any other guests staying here?” I asked the receptionist.

“We’ve got another two rooms booked. This is our off-season, so we’re not that busy.”

The lodge was quiet, a bit too quiet. I wanted to relax but not be bored out of my mind. I needed to converse with people to take my mind off worries. Otherwise, I’d drive myself nuts thinking about not getting the Walsch account.

After taking a nap, I had lunch, then went to the reception.

“Are there any tourist attractions on this island?” I asked.

“Sir, you can try the hiking trail. It will take you to the top of the island, where you can see everything. It’s beautiful up there.”

It didn’t sound promising, but it seemed like the only option, so I hit the road.

I smacked the tree branches that hung over the trail and got in my face, then ducked under spider webs. The birds chirping created the ambience of an exotic forest. Being in nature was beautiful, but I felt that I’d get used to it quickly, then be bored out of my mind.

After I crossed a wooden bridge, I heard women giggling. It was difficult for me to determine where the noise came from because branches prevented me from seeing far. I smacked them out of the way and followed the giggling, which became more prominent as I walked.

I heard a waterfall, then stood behind shrubs that prevented me from seeing the waterfall. After squatting, I got under the shrubs and parted the branches. My eyes widened, and my lip lowered.

Two young women were naked under the waterfall, their backs facing me. Their black hair reached their shoulders, and their smooth, tanned skin had drops of water sprinkled all over and made their bodies sparkle. I wanted to jump out of the shrub, pull down my pants and stand in front of them naked, hoping to get a positive reaction. No, that’s stupid. They’re gonna freak out. I should lay low until they get dressed.

They turned around and looked in my direction. I wondered if they saw me. They were smiling but not meeting my eye. I figured that they couldn’t see me.

Their backs were facing me as they got dressed. I stepped out of the shrub and said, “Hi.”

Both of them turned around, smiled and waved. Oh, wow. They’re friendlier than I thought, not to mention hotter.

“Hello,” said one of them.

“My name is Riche. I’m staying at the resort by the beach.”

“I’m Kasheefa. This is my sister Abuschka.”

Oh, my God. They’re sisters. “It’s nice to meet you. Hope I’m not disturbing.”

“No,” said Kasheefa. “We like meeting new people. It’s not often that it happens.”

I figured she was referring to the off-season. “Where are you staying?”

“Over the hill. Our village is there.”

“Okay, cool. I’d shake your hands, but you’re all the way on the other side.”

They tip-toed along the stone trail to get over the water and to my side. I smiled and extended my hand. “You two are very beautiful.”

They looked at each other and smiled. “It’s been a while since we’ve been to that resort,” said Abuschka. “We’d love to go there again.”

“Sure,” I said.

We walked on the beach for a few minutes, then went inside the restaurant and had dinner. After dinner, we walked around the lodge.

“Would you like to see what my room looks like?” I asked.

Both of them nodded.

We sat on the bed, with them beside me. I kissed Kasheefa, and Abuschka joined in by kissing my shoulder.

I stood up, and they got on their knees and pulled down my shorts. Kasheefa sucked my balls while Abuschka jerked me off. I closed my eyes, tilted my chin up and groaned. It felt amazing.

After blowing me for several minutes, they got onto the bed on their hands and knees. Their pussies revealed when their cheeks parted as they perked their bums up. I didn’t know which ass I wanted to bang first. It was a difficult decision, but I stuck it into Kasheefa.

I grabbed her shoulders and bounced off her ass as she screamed. Abuschka looked at her sister, then at me with a wanting smile. I saw that she wanted my dick inside her so that she could also scream.

I smacked Abuschka’s ass to let her know that she was next but kept banging Kasheefa. Her screaming spurred me to thrust faster. I wanted to cum so badly inside her but not before I banged her sister.

I pulled out my dick, tapped it in on Kasheefa’s ass and heard her pant. Abuschka smiled as she saw that I stepped towards her. Kasheefa’s looked at me over her shoulder with droopy eyelids, and her lip hung. I smiled at her.

I stuck my dick inside Abuschka and spanked her ass as I rode her. She raised her head and loudly screamed, “Yes! Yes! That’s it. Right there. Oh, yes!”

I pulled her hair and spanked her ass as I carried on banging her. I smiled with teeth clenched as she screamed. Knowing that she was enjoying it as much as I was spurred me to climax.

“Oh, God, I’m gonna cum.”

My eyes averted, and I convulsed as my load shot into her pussy.

Kasheefa raked the hair off Abuschka’s face and smiled at her.

They got dressed, then asked me to walk them out. I escorted them to the waterfall, then went back to the lodge.

“Sir, do you know who those two were?” the receptionist asked me.


“They’re King Hadji’s daughters.”


“King Hadji. He is the leader of the Matamanio tribe. He owns this island and everything on it.”


“Yes. Even this resort belongs to him.”

“Where is he?”

“His village is over the hill. That’s where the daughters stay. They’re not allowed here during peak season.”

My back straightened, and my head perked up as I gleed. Awesome. I slept with two princesses. How lucky can a guy get?

I met the girls at the waterfall the following day. Afterwards, we went back to my room, and I banged both of them but came inside Kasheefa.

At the end of the week, we had sex under the waterfall. Man, that was awesome. Nothing like banging two babes outdoor during the day.

The following week, we had sex on the beach at night. I didn’t want to leave the island.

I kissed the girls and gave them my e-mail address before leaving.

When I got back to the office, I walked past the CEO’s office and saw Mia sitting behind the desk. I frowned and giggled. “What are you doing here?”

“You didn’t hear?”

“Hear what?” I asked.

“The board caught Thompson embezzling funds from the company account and fired him. They promoted me to CEO.”

I grimaced. “What?”

“That’s right. I’m your new boss.”

I looked down and shook my head. I was uncertain of what I was more shocked about, Mia’s promotion or that the board hadn’t given the position to me.

“Be a darling and get me a cup of coffee, would you?” asked Mia.

I shook my head while looking at the floor, then fetched her a cup.

She badgered me for the following few weeks by assigning mundane tasks to me and scolding me, even when my work was exemplary.

I sat at my desk, clutched my hair and grunted. Strangling her was the only revenge I could think of that was fit for the way she treated me.

An e-mail came into my inbox. I smiled as I read that it was from Kasheefa and Abuschka. My smile faded as I read, ‘We’re pregnant. You’re the father.’

They said that their father wanted to speak to me, so I flew out to the island over the weekend.

The girls waited for me at the waterfall, then escorted me to the village.

King Hadji was sitting at his throne with his wife by his side when I approached. I couldn’t resist a peek at his wife. I see where the daughters get their beauty from.

“Sit, please,” said King Hadji.

“Your daughters said that you wanted to speak to me.”

“Yes, they told me that you got them pregnant.”

“Wasn’t planned, but it seems like it turned out that way.”

“There is one problem.”

“What’s that?” I asked.

“Both of my daughters cannot be pregnant by the same man. If they got pregnant by different men, my wife and I would choose who would take over the throne. Since you got both of them pregnant, you need to decide which one you want?”

“Which one I want for what?”

“To one day take over my throne with. You can’t rule this island with both of them by your side. There can only be one.”

“And what happens to the one I don’t choose?”

“I will banish her from the island, and she must raise the child alone as her punishment for choosing the same man as her sister.”

I raised my eyebrows and pouted. “Ooh, that sounds a bit harsh.”

“It’s how it must be.”

“You’re serious about this?” He nodded. “You mean, I’m gonna be in charge of the people of this village, and I get the resort as well?”

“The land, the resort, and everything else when you take over, yes.”

“Okay, I’m gonna need to think about this. There’s something I need to do back home, but I’ll be back soon.”

I flew back home and walked into Mia’s office the following morning. “I’ll need you to come into the office this weekend so that you can help the admin lady finish her job,” she said.

I frowned. “But that’s not my job.”

“Does it look like I care?”

“You know what, I quit.”

“You can’t quit. No other agency is gonna hire you. This is a small industry, where everyone knows everyone. One e-mail of mine to the competitors, and you’re done. I won’t even give you a reference.”

“Don’t worry about it. I’ve got other plans.”

I packed my bags and flew to the island. The King gave me the next few months to decide which daughter I would keep. I had to give him a decision before the birth of the babies.

Kasheefa and Abuschka alternated the nightly visits to my room. They pleased me sexually and begged me to keep them. I felt like the most powerful man in the world, and I loved it. I deserved the power after not becoming the CEO at Pascal & Pearce.

When the King took his daughters around the island to do the monthly inspection, I got to know the Queen.

I went around the island and gleed at the tremendous wealth that I was about to inherit. All of this for sticking my dick into two hot babes. Life doesn’t get any better than that.

A month before the ladies were to give birth, the King asked me for my decision.

I looked at them and felt sorry for both. They didn’t deserve the admonition, and I wish I could’ve had both.

“I’m going to have to go with Kasheefa,” I said.

She smiled, but Abuschka lowered her chin, and her eyes filled with tears.

“That is it,” said the King. “A decision has been made, and now, I must do what needs to be done.”

The Queen cried as she knew that Abuschka was about to leave the island. Guards grabbed Abuschka’s arms and escorted her out of the village.

“Wait!” shouted the Queen. “You can’t take my child away from me.”

The King turned around and said, “We’ve spoken about this. Don’t make it any more difficult than it needs to be.”

“You can’t take my daughter away. My two precious angels mean everything to me.”

“Take her away,” said the King to the guards.

“No, wait,” said the Queen. “I’m pregnant.”

Some people gasped, and everyone turned and looked at her. “What?” asked the King.

“It’s true. Riche is the father.”

The King looked at me, bemused. “Is this true? Did you sleep with my wife?”

I looked down.

“Get him!” the King shouted.

I sprinted down the hill, the guards chasing me.


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