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I watched Zane walk towards the school gate on his first day. He was the biggest blessing of my life, and to this day, I struggled to understand how his father could abandon him. I guess his slutty secretary had more power over him than I thought. Although Zane’s dad left us without money, at least he didn’t leave us in debt.

Another thing that he left me with was a broken heart. His abandonment hurt me so deeply that I could not summon the courage to date. Five years after his departure, and I was still alone.

I tried to convince myself that I was fine, but I longed to be in the arms of a man. Every night I heard a noise, I’d get out of bed to make sure that it wasn’t an intruder.

My salary barely covered our expenses, and there were times that I noticed Zane in need of male guidance. Having a man in my life would solve most of my problems, but I just can’t stand to be hurt again. It would be too much. There’s only so much a woman can take.

“How you been keeping, girl?” asked Lesley.

She was my best friend since high school and the only person to read my moods when I tried to hide them. “Okay, I guess.”

“Looks like you’re in need of someone who’s tall, strong and a provider.”

“Zane and I have been doing just fine. We’re surviving.”

“If you call struggling, surviving. Then, I guess you’re right.”

“What am I supposed to do, Les? It’s not exactly every guy’s dream to have a woman come into their life who has a child. What am I supposed to say? Hey, I’ve got a seven-year-old, do you accept this package?”

“Well, you’ve never tried it, so you might as well.”

I sighed and rubbed my forehead in the kitchen, then looked at Zane playing video games in the lounge. “That boy is my life. I’d love nothing more than for him to have a positive male role model who’s going to show him the way and raise him to be a man.”

“The only way that’s gonna happen is if you put yourself out there.”

“What do you suggest?”

“Start with baby steps. Dip your feet in and see what’s out there. I’d suggest speed dating. It’s relaxed, quick and doesn’t come with any pressure. You don’t like what you see; you move on.”

I looked at Zane and thought about him being a teenager and angry with me because he felt I deprived him of a father figure to save my feelings.

“Okay. I’ll give it a shot. What do I have to lose?”

On Thursday night, I brushed my black hair in front of the mirror, then adjusted the pink dress. I felt that colour would make me seem feminine and friendly.

At the parking lot of the restaurant, I took a deep breath before checking my hair in the rear-view mirror. Just relax. Everything’s going to be fine.

The organiser greeted me and showed me my seat. I looked at the male participants and did a double-take on some. Most were well-dressed, in a blazer and shoes. Some even wore a tie and a golden watch. Looks like I’m at the right place.

The first three men I spoke to were nice, but I didn’t want to waste my time by taking it further since my gut was silent.

A man with sleek black hair approached with a smile and extended his hand. “Good evening, I’m Dave.”

“Sue-Allen.” He gently squeezed my fingers and kissed my hand. “Oh, a gentleman.”

“I have to be since you’re a lady.”

I smiled and gazed in his blue eyes. He’s off to a good start. “What do you do Dave?”

“I own an investment company. We’re brokers, selling stocks, retirement annuities and even cryptocurrency.”

“Very nice.” I frowned. “What’s someone as successful and good-looking as you doing meeting women here? I figured you’d have a queue of women waiting for their turn.”

“Mostly the wrong ones line up to be with me. I thought I’d try something new in the hopes of meeting someone special.”

I nodded and smiled. “Okay, nice. Ever been married? Kids?”

“Neither, but I’d love both.” He smiled.

He doesn’t have his own kids, which means that he can dedicate more time to Zane. He seems perfect.

“How about you?” asked Dave. “What do you do?”

“I do admin work for an agency. Not exactly my dream job, but it keeps me going.”

“Have you been married?”

“Yes. I got divorced a couple of years ago.”


“A son.”

“Oh, wow. I love kids.”

“You do?”

“Absolutely. If I can’t have my own one day for whatever reason, it would be nice to still have someone I can raise as my son.”

My elbow was on the table as my chin rested on my fist, and my eyes sparkled as I smiled at Dave. “That’s wonderful.”

“You seem wonderful. I’d love to get to know you more.”

I wrote my number on paper and then handed it to him.

“Excellent. I’ll definitely call you.”

Dave kissed my hand again before leaving.

I didn’t feel the need to carry on with the evening since I thought I met the perfect guy, but a man approached with a smile that showed his humility, friendliness and positivity. Something about it said that I should hear him out.

“You look absolutely magnificent in that dress,” he said. “Although I’m willing to bet that you look amazing in anything you wear, even pyjamas.”

I chuckled, then lightly smacked his arm. “I’m Sue-Allen.”

“Murray. It’s my absolute pleasure. I’m surprised that you’ve honoured us with your presence. Someone as beautiful as you should be in one of those castles you see on the Disney channel. I thought to myself, she’s either lost or suffers from coprolalia,” he said, smiling.

I lowered my head and shook it as I laughed.

“You’re definitely charming. I’m gonna guess that you’re some kind of an entertainer,” I said.

“I tried to be, but my audience isn’t really responsive.”

“What do you mean?”

“I fix cars for a living. I’m a mechanic.”

“Okay. Perhaps I can get you to fix mine.”

“All your parts seem to be in order.”

I frowned. “What?”

“Oh, wait. What? Are we talking about your car or something else?”

I smiled and shook my head. He gazed in my eyes, smiling. “How do you feel about women who have children?”

“My opinion about them is based on how they treat me and my child, not their past.”

“So, you’ve also got a child?”

“A son.”

Oh, wow. Maybe Zane will like having a brother. Since Murray has already raised a son, he’ll know exactly what to do with Zane.

“Interesting,” I said. “I’ve also got a son.”

Murray looked at the organiser signalling the time. “It seems that our time is up. Hope that it doesn’t end here.”

I smiled at him, then wrote my number on paper and handed it to him.

“The organiser just signalled to me that you’ve been disqualified, and you need to go home,” said Murray. “No more meeting men for you tonight.”

I smiled and said, “It was wonderful to meet you.”

My date with Dave was two days later. My mouth slacked open when he showed up at my house with a limousine, and he stepped out with a bouquet of white roses.

“What’s this?” I asked, looking at the car.

“You deserve only the best.”

I sat inside the limo, and Dave poured a glass of champagne for me, then toasted. “To us,” he said.

“To us.”

Some time later, the limo stopped. “We’re here.”

I stepped out of the limo and saw that we parked in front of a private jet. “Right this way,” added Dave as he escorted me to the jet.

“Is this yours?”

“I rented it especially for you.”

My eyes widened as my jaw dropped. “I can’t believe this.”

“Believe it, Sue-Allen. I’ll treat you like no other man can.”

I couldn’t believe how much effort and money Dave had spent on me. I felt indebted, but I had no idea how to repay him.

Dave gave me a tour of the plane before we sat at a table and had more champagne. I got the giggles after a few glasses.

“Why don’t we get you more comfortable?” asked Dave. “The bed is comfier than that chair.”

I stood up and stumbled, almost falling over my high heels. Dave grabbed me, and I leaned into his shoulder to muffle the laughter.

We sat on the bed, and he tilted my face towards him, then gazed in my eyes. I looked at his lips, and he stroked my face and kissed me.

I reclined on the bed, and Dave rubbed my tit before lowering his hand to my leg and raising my dress. He looked at me and smiled as he rubbed my pussy over my panties.

I pushed his shoulders, and he sprawled onto the bed. His feet touched the floor as he looked up. After I undressed, I unzipped his pants and kneeled in front of the bed and sucked his dick.

He rubbed my hair and moaned as I licked the tip and jerked him. I couldn’t help but stick his balls into my mouth. After all, I was tipsy, and he had spent a lot of money on me.

I sat on top of him and stuck his dick into my pussy, then pressed my hands on his chest and bounced. I closed my eyes and moaned as I felt his dick go up inside me. It had been too long since the last time.

After bouncing on top of him for several minutes, I leaned back, put my hands on his legs and then thrust my hips.

He opened his eyes and smiled, then grabbed my waist. I pressed my hands on the bed just above his head and looked down at him. He lifted his head and sucked my nipple. I ran my fingers through his hair. He lowered his hands to my bum, then squeezed it and thrust.

I shot a moan out of my mouth, then rattled as he thrust harder. My eyelids were droopy, and my mouth was wide open as I screamed.

Dave lowered his head onto the bed and stopped. I shifted up and sat on his face. He licked my pussy, and I raised my chin up and closed my eyes as I felt his tongue moisten me more. I straightened my back as he stuck his finger into my ass.

I turned my back to him and sat on his dick. My hands were to his sides, and my feet pressed on the bed and my back leaned slightly back as I jumped on top of him.

He grabbed my waist and groaned as I screamed. I heard his heavy breathing and felt that he was about to erupt. I pulled out his dick, and he ejaculated on my stomach.

We fell asleep on the bed.

It was morning when we woke up. The plane landed in front of the limo, and Dave took me home. “I’ll call you,” he said.

My date with Murray was the following night. I met him at a park and brought Zane with me as per Murray’s request. He had a picnic basket and a blanket laid on the grass.

He introduced Zane to his son, and they kicked a soccer ball around while Murray and I sipped on wine.

“I was surprised when you asked me to bring my son,” I said.

“You and he are a package, so I have to get to know both of you.”

I tilted my head towards my shoulder and smiled. “That’s sweet.”

As we spoke, Zane fell over the ball as he tried to kick it. Murray leapt up and ran to him, then picked him up and dusted him off.

He came back to me, and I grabbed his arm and said, “Thank you. I really appreciate that.”

“It’s my pleasure. I guess it’s the father instinct in me.”

A lady selling flowers walked past us and asked Murray, “Sir, wouldn’t you like to get your lady nice flowers?”

He took his wallet out and stretched it open. I saw a few one-dollar bills. “Seems like I don’t have enough,” he said, his gaze lowered. He looked at me. “Sorry.”

“It’s okay. It’s fine, really.” I looked at the girl. “Thank you, anyway.”

At the end of the date, I said, “Thank you. I had a great time.”

Murray smiled as he narrowed his lips, his gaze slightly lowered.

The following day, I was drinking coffee with Lesley in my kitchen. “And? How were the dates?” she asked.

“Both of them were amazing but in different ways.”

“How so?”

“Dave hired a limo and a private jet for us?”

“What? You’re kidding?”

I nodded. “Ya, but Murray was amazing with Zane. You should’ve seen them.”

“So, it seems that both of them are after you. Which one are you gonna pick?”

“I’m not sure. Murray is wonderful, but…”

“But?” asked Les.

“Dave can provide the kind of life for Zane that I can only fantasise about, and he treats me so well.”

“What’s your gut telling you?”

“It’s not saying anything, but my heart is screaming out.”

“Then, I’d recommend you listen to your heart. Go be with the man you really want.”

I called Dave the following day and asked him if I could stop by his place.

He opened the gate, then hugged and kissed me. “You look beautiful.”

“Thank you. Let’s chat inside.”

We walked into a massive lounge, decorated with leather couches and art that looked on par with a museum’s stock.

“Our night together was amazing,” I began. “What you did for me, not even Zane’s father put that much effort, never mind any other man. You’re also such a gentleman, and maybe I didn’t act like a lady that night. Getting tipsy and the rest wasn’t really lady-like.”

“It’s okay, Sue-Allen. I understand that you had fun, and I’m not gonna hold it against you.”

“I appreciate that.”

“It’s an understatement to say that I was taken back by everything. You really do live an amazing life.”

“I do, and I’m prepared to offer it to you and your son.”

“That means a lot to me.”

“You’ll have the best life. I’ve got maids to help you around the house, and I’ll get Zane into the best boarding school money can buy.”

I frowned. “Boarding school?”

“Yes. You and I will live our lives together while Zane gets the best education possible.”

“That’s my son. I’m not prepared to whisk him away to some school and live without him.”

“Okay, I just thought -.”

“Look, Dave. You’re a great guy, and I felt that I owed you an explanation. That’s why I came here. I found somebody more suitable for Zane and me. I’m sorry.”

He tittered, frowning and shaking his head. “I don’t understand.”

“I need somebody who understands that my son means the world to me and will accept him as much as me. Coming here just proved that I made the right decision. I’m really sorry.”

“Did you sleep with this other guy the same way you did with me, you skank?” asked Dave as I stood up.

I saw that he got bitter and wanted to provoke me, but I didn’t want to stoop to his level. “That’s not important.”

“You didn’t, did you?” he raised his voice as I walked away. “You only sleep with the ones who splash money on you, you tart.”

The following night, I met Murray at a restaurant. “I asked you to meet me here because my heart told me that you were the right man for my son and me,” I said. “I’d like to know if you’ll accept us.”

He smiled. “Of course, I will. Nothing will make me happier. What made you choose -?”

“Is this the wanker you chose over me?” interrupted Dave.

I frowned, looking up at him. “Dave, please. This isn’t the place.”

“No, I think it’s the perfect place.” He looked at Murray. “Just thought I’d let you know that this floozy put it out on our first date. Bet you didn’t get the same treatment. Looking at you I can understand why.”

“Now I understand why she chose me over you.” Murray stood up, grabbed his glass of water and splashed it in Dave’s face. “You need to cool down, buddy. I don’t appreciate you calling my lady names.”

Dave frowned at him, mouth agape. Murray grabbed my hand and escorted me out.


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