Studies have proven that sex interest increases during the festive season. That makes sense because every year, more and more people are born in August or September. It seems that their efforts are paying off. What is it about the festive season that makes most people feel friskier than usual?

Cold Weather

If you live in the northern hemisphere, the festive season bears short days and cold nights. The last thing you want to do in freezing temperatures is to go outside or sit in a cold lounge. The alternative is to get under the sheets and feel another person’s warm body rub up against yours. Even if it’s not cold inside, the overcast weather sets the mood for you to be wrapped up in a blanket with someone.

Going out to exercise during cold temperatures can feel like a chore, but many people don’t want to miss out on any training, so they get plenty of it between the sheets.

It’s the Season to be Jolly

Another reason that sex interest increases during the festive season is that many people are in a good mood. They’ve worked hard during the year and have taken leave from work to spend the holidays with family. Being away from stressful work allows people to wind down, and they feel that they deserve a treat for their year-round hard work. What better way to loosen up and treat yourself than some nookie?

Also, during that time of the year, people tend to have a bit more time on their hands and can get around to things that they have been putting off.

Travel is Involved

We all know what can happen when you travel. Many people travel during the festive season and meet others along the way. You’re in a different place, sometimes not even around anybody who knows you. It’s like you’ve got a judgement-free passport to be naughty while you’re away from home. You may know somebody who lives where you’re going, or you meet somebody while away. Either way, many people who travel are excited at the prospect of hooking up with someone, even if it means cheating.

Alcohol Plays a Part

Doesn’t it always? Well, at least for many when they have sex. Especially during the festive season, people drink more than usual because they’re on holiday, are happy or have more money thanks to a work bonus. There are also friends/family gatherings, not to mention social events, that are filled with alcohol. Sometimes all it takes is a few glasses to loosen up and lower your standards.

They Want to Give Birth in September

It’s true. Some people have sex in November/December so that their children will be born in September. Why? Many schools have a cut off date in September, and some parents believe that their child will have an advantage over other children the closer their birthday is to the cut-off date. Strange, but that’s what some people believe. Also, studies have shown that babies born in September are most likely to reach the age of 100.


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