We’re days away from 2021, and most of us want to end the year off with a bang. Whether you’re not a nightclub person or are restricted from going there, you can still get laid without waiting in long queues, paying an entrance fee and feeling irritated because someone bumped you for the tenth time. Here are some ideas on where to find New Year’s Eve (NYE) sex without going to a club.

The street

This strategy is highly effective in major cities where foot traffic is high. It’s been a stressful year for most of us and getting out and taking a walk on NYE to get fresh air and not feeling cooped up in the house is something that most people are going to do. The chances are high that the people taking a walk on NYE are also looking for fun.

If you’re a guy, try to get a wingman to help you out because most women walking will be with their friends. You need somebody to entertain them while you work your magic on the one you like. If you’re a woman, all you need to do is stroll along the street. Somebody is bound to approach. If the guy you like isn’t approaching you, there’s nothing stopping you from saying, “Hi.” Remember, men’s only problem with women approaching them is that it doesn’t happen enough.

The park

Isn’t that where Harry met Sally? I don’t know, but the point I’m making is that most parks are inherently romantic, especially during the festive season. People go to parks at this time of the year to see the decorations on trees, take a stroll and walk their dogs. Most people tend to feel safe at parks, and the dimmed lighting sets the perfect romantic mood.

If she’s walking the dog, you can approach her by asking about the dog. If you see her sitting with a friend on a bench and talking, don’t think that she’s not interested in meeting you. There is never a time when she is not interested in meeting the man of her dreams. Ladies, if you want to make it easier for a man to approach, take a stroll or sit on the bench alone. It’s less intimidating for a man to approach when you’re alone. Better yet, take your dog with.

The coffee shop

There’s just something about the coffee aroma, closely stacked tables and chatter pervading throughout the shop that makes everyone feel like they’re in a close and safe environment. People go to coffee shops to take a load off by drinking their favourite coffee and chatting to a friend about nothing.

Try to sit as close as possible to the person you’re interested in. The aim is to join them. If you’re a guy, go with a friend and throw a comment in her direction. Make a remark or ask a question. Don’t think that you’re intruding. The chances of them having a heart-to-heart at a coffee shop are slim. They would do that at a private location.

Once you get the conversation going, ask them to join you, or you go over to their table. You can even move the tables together.

Most people are in a good mood on NYE and are looking to meet someone to have fun with. That’s why they’re out and have an open mind. If they’re not in a good mood, you can change that by joking around with them.

The point is that you have to get chatting with the people who are around you. You’ll only know what they want after you speak to them, but don’t be surprised to find that they want the same thing as you.

I wish you a happy new year and all the best for 2021. May all your dreams come true.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog this year. It really is an honour, and I’d love nothing more than to see you keep coming back.

All the best.

Goran Radanovic

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