I wrote about my first embarrassing sex story in part 1, and since there have been quite a few, I thought I’d write an embarrassing sex stories part 2.

The gym is a great place to pick up women. I know some guys are worried about disturbing women or not interrupting their workout, but you can avoid both by approaching after both of you have finished working out. I found the stretch area to be the best part of the gym. Women tend to finish there by doing ab exercises, so it’s a great place to engage them.

My usual line at that spot is, and was on that occasion, “I’m trying to work my abs, but I’m not sure which exercises are the most effective. Which ones would you recommend?”

We’ll call the girl Hope. She showed me the exercises that she does, and we got into a conversation about her life. I mentioned being a published author and she was interested in checking out the book. She also said that she was looking for a place to stay in my area. Her lease had expired, and she was extending it monthly. I said, “I can show you my book now and also my place, so you can see what you can expect in the area.”

“Sure,” said Hope.

We got on the bus and went to my place. Both of us were hungry, and we decided to eat at a restaurant. During the meal, Hope received a message from her landlord to say that she needs to move out at month-end (three days away).

Her forehead creased, and she frowned as she read the message to me. “What am I gonna do now?”

“Why don’t you stay at my place until you find something?”

“You sure?”

I wanted to bang her and also wanted to see how it would work out if I lived with a girl. “You need a place to stay. It’s not a problem.”

After dinner, we went back to my place. I sat next to her on the couch and rubbed her feet because she was stressed. As she closed her eyes, reclined and stretched her legs, I scooped her into my arms and carried her to the bedroom.

“It’s going to be more comfortable for me to give you a massage here,” I said as I lay her on the bed.

Since she was petite, I sat gently on her bum and massaged her shoulders. Something about bringing a girl back to my place after meeting her at the gym hours before and having her in my bed made me really horny. My heart raced, and I felt out of breath from being so horny that I opened my mouth to catch my breath. My pants were deep and loud.

“The massage will be more effective if you take off your top,” I said.

“You just wanna see my boobs.”

Damn right. “No, seriously.”

She pulled the straps and wiggled out of them. I rubbed her bare back and thought about how it would feel to stick it inside. I had no control over myself, so my lips lowered to her face and kissed her cheek.

She murmured. “We can’t. I have to go.”

“You can stay here tonight.”

“I have to go pack my bags.”

All the lust drained from me as she got off the bed and put her top on. I knew it wasn’t going to happen.

She went home and returned with her bag the following day. A vein protruded from her forehead and her jaw was clenched as she walked through the door. “I spoke to all my friends about my situation, and none of them even offered to take me in.”

I figured she went home the day before to speak to her friends about staying with them and avoid staying with me. After all, I was a stranger, so I couldn’t blame her. Desperation had driven her to me.

After she cooked lunch, we had a chat and got to know each other more. Her frustration of not finding accommodation had worn off, which showed by her smile and relaxed posture.

I had only one room, so she got into bed with me that night. I have to admit I was surprised to see that she wore only a shirt and no underwear. As we cozied up to each other with her back to me, I wriggled down the bed and bit her ass. I love ass. Hers wasn’t my type because it was small, and I preferred round and meaty ones, but I took a chunk since it had been a while that I had a woman in my bed.

She turned around, grabbed my dick and jerked me off over my jocks. “You’ve got a very nice dick,” she said.

I closed my eyes and smiled. It felt so good to be touched after a long dry season. I turned to my side, and she lay on her back. I grabbed her ankles, spread her legs open and licked her pussy. She moaned with every lick, but I could feel the bones in her scrawny legs, putting me off a bit.

I stopped licking and put my head on the pillow. She looked at me and frowned, probably wondering why I had not escalated. No sex that night.

The following day after lunch, we walked into the bedroom, and she got on all fours on the bed and shifted to the edge. I grabbed her ass, which had little meat on it, and her scrawny legs didn’t do much to make me hard. Nevertheless, I took my clothes off and grabbed her waist, hoping that I would rise to the occasion.

She didn’t mind me sticking it in without a condom. “What if I cum inside you?” I asked.

“Then, I’ll have to take the morning-after pill.”

Whoa. That caught me off guard and made me less horny as I thought about impregnating her. There was no way I’d let that happen, but I didn’t have a condom. I didn’t want to disappoint her again, so I thrust against her ass, hoping that I would get horny. No such luck.

I figured that a blowjob would get me hard, so I lay on the bed and told her to suck. She was hesitant, and I couldn’t blame her. My bush had gotten out of control. I hadn’t trimmed it in years, and there were pubes everywhere. Some were half the length of my dick.

She put her mouth over my dick. I could barely feel her lips as her teeth scraped against my flesh while she bobbed. That was the worst blowjob I had gotten, but I figured that she would improve with practise.

She stopped. I wondered what the heck was going on. She gurgled, raised her head and picked my pubes out of her mouth. That even turned me off. I could only imagine how she felt.

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