Erotic content is available all over the internet. Although pornographic videos garner a lot of views, some people prefer to leave erotic scenes to the imagination. Since sex is more mental than physical, many people have discovered pleasure in reading erotic material. Whereas a video portrays a specific scene, erotic writing allows you to create a scene in your head that suits your imagination. Erotic stories tend to have a less predictable ending than sex videos, which show a man busting his load on a woman’s face. There are numerous perks to reading, as opposed to watching porn, so let’s explore some of the reasons to read erotic stories.

Reduces Stress

Who would’ve thought that anything sexual could reduce stress? Most of us know that having sex helps you to get rid of frustration, but many people aren’t aware that reading erotic stories can help reduce stress. Mental health and sexual educator stated that reading arousing material helps to transform stress or anxiety into positive emotions.

If you’re feeling anxious or scared about something, pick up an erotic short story that stimulates you. After you immerse yourself in the story, you will forget about your fear or anxiety since excitement and arousal have replaced those feelings. A physical response can also interrupt a negative emotion. As an example, getting turned on could increase your heart rate and make you feel positive feelings.

Helps You To Be A Better Lover

Reading erotica might get your aroused and provide entertainment, but it also helps you to improve your skills in the bedroom. Read erotica from authors who are experienced not only in writing about sex but also about the actual act.

The best erotica writers know how to set the mood. Their pacing is phenomenal, the description is visual and choice of words is mesmerising. If reading got you turned on, then imagine how your partner will react if you replicate the scene from an erotic story and bring it to life. Erotic fiction might be made up, but it serves as a great guideline on what to do in the bedroom.

Reading erotic stories reminds you to indulge in foreplay and to take your time when seducing your partner. There’s no rush to get to the sex. Erotic stories teach you to take it one step at a time and provide tips you might not have known.

Makes You Less Self-Conscious

You shouldn’t be surprised to find out that most romance novel readers are women. Although erotica stories attract a large number of men, it’s mostly women who made that genre their home. So, what does that have anything to do with making you less self-conscious?

Women, generally, tend to be more self-conscious about their bodies than men. They face a tremendous amount of pressure to compete with their younger counterparts to attract men. Although visual sexual material turns women on, it can also make them feel self-conscious. Seeing attractive adult actresses tends to make women compare themselves to them. That can lead to them feeling self-conscious and harbouring other negative feelings.

Reading erotic stories enables women to picture a scene that suits them instead of inducing emotions that stress them. It helps women to avoid judging themselves and allows them to accept themselves for the way they are.

Allows You To Escape Reality

Whenever you’ve enjoyed a movie, one of the reasons was that the story teleported you to a parallel universe. It didn’t need to be a sci-fi story, but it helped you to get away from your daily routine and showed you a different side of life. That’s exactly what erotic stories achieve.

A mom who needs a few hours to herself by getting away from the kids and the husband can find solace in erotic stories. Not only do erotic stories provide a physical refuge to her, but they also take her on a journey that she might’ve not travelled. Real-life is filled with mundane tasks and fraught with headaches, but picking up an erotic story allows the adult to escape reality and to build the one that they desire.

Readers use erotic stories as a scapegoat from their lives, and who can blame them? After all, fantasy is so much more exciting than reality.

Serves As Foreplay

Most men are physical and visual beings, so we get turned on by what we see and touch. Women need to be stimulated emotionally before they engage physically. That’s something that most men forget. Many women have felt disappointed that their man rushed to take their clothes off but forgot foreplay. Well, there’s a solution.

Instead of trying to change a man, seek the answer for foreplay in erotic stories. Before having sex with a man, read good erotica. That will help you to set the mood and get you wet. Besides, picturing your fairytale is much more likely to get you aroused than your man trying to figure what turns you on.


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