Many women have fantasized about being a stripper. There’s something about the way a stripper moves that not only looks sexy to a man but also a woman. Some women have wanted to know simple moves they could do that would make their partner desire them more. Whether you’re looking to turn on your man or woman, there are simple steps you can take to ensure that you pull off a lap dance that provides a tease without looking sleazy. We’ve provided tips about how to give a lap dance that will make you move like a stripper.


There’s nothing less attractive during a lap dance than a woman who looks clumsy. To avoid making your partner laugh at you, make sure that you’re prepared. That includes stretching. You also need to rehearse the lap dance to ensure that you don’t do any strenuous moves that your body can’t handle.

Make sure that you’ve set the mood before your partner has entered the space where you’re going to perform the lap dance. That means dimming the lights or lighting candles. Ensure that the area isn’t too dark so that your partner can see your every move.

The other important aspect is the music. Know exactly which song you’re going to start with and the follow-up. The last thing you want to do is to break the tension by moving away from your partner to select a song.

Choose the right outfit. There’s nothing wrong with dressing up as a nurse or a teacher to immerse your partner into their fantasy, but make sure that your clothing doesn’t cause a lot of friction. The material should be soft. Moreover, your outfit should make you feel sexy. It’s not only important that your partner likes it, but you need to be comfortable in it and to feel attractive.

The last point on the dress code is shoes. Slip-on heels work the best. They accentuate the curves in your legs and bum but practise your routine in them to ensure comfort.

The Dance

A lap dance is foreplay, so you need to seduce your partner with dance moves. After you’ve told your partner to get comfortable on a chair, walk toward them from a distance that requires you to take a couple of steps. Walk slowly and touch yourself. Once you reach your partner, put your hands on their shoulders and run your hands down their arms to their abdomen, then to their legs.

Spread their legs so that you’ve got space to move in front of their groin. You should be on your knees when spreading their legs. Look at them and give a cheeky smile that says you’re friendly but in charge.

Put your hands on your partner’s legs and lean into their face like you’re going to kiss them but don’t. Pull back. Choose a part of your body that you think is the sexiest and rub your hands on it. Move close to your partner and rub that body part. Your partner is going to concentrate on the part of your body that your hand rubs.

Although your partner will have their eyes on your leg if you lift it in front of their face and run your hand up the leg, you need to keep eye contact with them. Engaging your partner with eye contact intensifies the seduction. Don’t forget the cheeky smile every now and again.

Tease your partner. That means running your hands across their body but pulling back when you see that they’re really enjoying it. They have to crave more. Turn your back to them and bend over. Rub your bum on your partner’s crotch while swaying.

Stand up and turn to them. Sit on their lap and bring your lips close to their neck or ear. Your lips can gently brush their ear lobe or neck while you caress the back of their neck.

Press your chest on your partner’s face. Applying the right pressure is key. You don’t want to exert your entire body weight onto them. They need to feel your body against theirs, not be overwhelmed by your weight. Do a body slide. That involves running your chest from your partner’s face down to their chest and abdomen until you’re on your knees. Your hands should be on their legs. As you’re moving, don’t forget to sway your body.

Go back up the way you came. That means running your chest up to your partner’s abdomen and all the way to their face. Stand in front of them and dance. Make sure that you’re touching the body part you want them to concentrate on. Sit on your partner’s crotch. Raise your bum so that your abdomen is rubbing their face. Your boobs should be just above their head.

Slide your boobs down your partner’s face and continue with the body slide. Once you’re on your knees again, stand up and bend over in your partner’s face. Rub your legs and bum while swaying. After you’ve turned your partner on, it’s time for you to decide the next step.

Remember to touch the body parts that you want your partner to focus on. If you’re comfortable with most of your body, then touch it. Keep swaying and ensure strong eye contact. Give a little, then pull away. Teasing is key. Your partner needs to crave more. Don’t exert your entire body weight onto your partner, and don’t forget to smile.


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