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The best part about living in New York was getting home to pursue my hobby. Living on the top floor of a building gave me an amazing shot of the city. The bustle carried on until the early hours of the morning, allowing me to snap numerous shots. I hated waiting tables and wanted to make a living from photography, but I never realised that I practice voyeurism.

Street lights and office buildings illuminated the city around nine o’clock every night in summer. The honking, people walking and the energy in the atmosphere alluded to New York’s sleepless nights. Excitement fuelled me every night when I took photos of the city from my flat and kept me awake until around 1 am. The worst part of the day was getting up at 5 to get ready for a job I despised. The only thing that kept me there was the need for rent money and more shooting equipment.

When I panned the camera across the adjacent building, a glimpse of a woman caught my eye and prompted me to pan back. Her back faced the windows as she stood beside her bed in a bra and a g-string. She unclipped her bra and dropped it on the floor.

I zoomed in and lowered the shot from her back to her ass. Her skin was tanned, smooth and tight. She pulled her g-string down and bent over. I snapped several shots of her pussy. When she stepped out of the shot, I zoomed out.

On her way to the bathroom, her black, curly hair cascaded off her shoulders. I stood guard after she closed the door. When she emerged, a towel hung over her face as she dried her hair. I zoomed into her nipples and licked my lips. Her breasts looked like a C-cup, and the nipples were the size of a bean. My lips parted, and my mouth dried as I took more shots of her tits. I wondered how they tasted.

She stood to the side of the bed with her back to the window and craned her head up. Her hair dangled when she shook her head and ran her fingers up the back of her head. I pictured myself standing behind her and cupping her tits while nibbling her neck before lowering my hand to her groin and rubbing her pussy.

She wrapped the towel around her back and wiped herself before lowering it to her bum. Since I couldn’t see her face, I was uncertain of her age, but she looked a couple of years older than me. Some of my fantasies included having sex with an older woman.

When she dropped the towel on the floor, I took more photos.

After she switched off the bedroom light, I went to my darkroom and developed the photos.

The pictures were beside me on the bed as I jerked off. On most nights when I jerked off, I had toilet paper in my other hand to block my cum from spurting all over the bed. That night, the pictures got me so carried away that I forget about the toilet paper and shot a load on my sheets and the floor.

The massive load that emptied my balls vanquished me. I fell asleep shortly after my head touched the pillow.

My head throbbed at five in the morning, after having only three hours of sleep. The only thing that kept me energised was getting home to see my mystery woman.

While taking photos of the city, I kept panning to her window. Her bedroom light went on at ten. She had her legs wrapped around a guy’s waist when he carried her into the bedroom. Damn it. Why is it always somebody else who gets the hot girl?

They stood in front of the bed before he dropped her onto it. Her hair cascaded when she sprawled on the bed and covered most of her face. I snapped photos of their every move.

He smiled before getting down on his knees and pulling off her g-string. She arched her back and raised her arm over her head to grab a pillow. She tucked the pillow under her head and opened her legs. The guy rubbed her tits while licking her pussy. My dick got hard.

He grabbed her ankles and pushed her legs forward after he stood. She ran her hand down his chest and stroked his abs before sitting on the edge of the bed and unzipping his pants.

He shifted back to let her get on her knees. The guy closed his eyes and craned his head up as she sucked his dick. Her left hand was on his chest and the other on his thigh. Her tongue was on his tip when she jerked him.

She got on all fours before he squeezed her ass and spanked it. I saw the back of her head when she looked at him over her right shoulder. He smiled before sticking his dick into her pussy.

I stroked my dick as he thrust. I wanted to jerk off while watching them, but having pictures of it would be better. Her curly hair covered her face when her head dangled while the guy pounded her from behind. He grabbed her waist and grimaced while convulsing. I thought he was going to cum, but he pulled his dick out and tapped it on her ass.

She flipped onto her back and opened her legs. He hovered over her and had his hands pressed on the pillow while penetrating.

After he thrust for about ten minutes, he got off the bed. She got on her knees in front of him and opened her mouth. He grimaced while cumming into her mouth.

She walked him out of the bedroom and switched off the light when she returned.

My pants were bulging. I had to bang her, but I had no idea how to proposition her. The chances of me running into her in front of the building were slim. The only option was for me to go over the following night. I couldn’t tell her that I had been watching her as it might creep her out. An asinine thought popped into my head. For some odd reason, I thought it would work.

I developed the pictures before placing the camera on a tripod. The pictures of her and the guy were strewn around me on the floor. I set the camera on automatic to take pictures of me jerking off while looking at her photos.

After developing those pictures, I added a few pictures into an envelope to make sure that she knew I had jerked off to pictures of her having sex.

The courier guy came to my place at six in the evening and went across the street to deliver the envelope. I figured that she might be flattered and possibly turned on if she knew what I had been up to before I propositioned her for sex.

I waited an hour after delivery to make sure that she had seen the photos before I walked across the street.

My heart pounded against my chest as I exited the elevator on her floor. I licked my dry lips as I approached her door. I took a deep breath and gulped before ringing the doorbell.

When she opened the door, my eyes bulged, and my jaw lowered. “Oh, my God,” I said.

“Garth, what are you doing here?” asked Aunt Meg with a smile on her face. “How did you know that I lived here?”

“Um, I…Um, heard from mom.”

She hugged me and told me to come inside. After offering me a drink, Aunt Meg told me that she had moved into the neighbourhood two weeks ago. The last time I saw her was five years ago when visiting her in Ohio for Thanksgiving.

Aunt Meg frowned after noticing my flushed cheeks. All I could think about was what she thought of me after seeing the photos. “You okay?” she asked.

I slurped my drink and nodded. When we walked into her lounge, I noticed the envelope on the coffee table. Oh, thank God. She hasn’t seen it. “What’s that?” I asked, pointing at the envelope.

“A courier delivered it to me about an hour ago. I haven’t had a chance to look at it.” The tension in my shoulders eased. Thank God. “Where are you staying?” asked Aunt Meg.

“Actually, I’m across the road.”

When I told her the building’s name, she wanted to know which flat. After I told her the number, she went to her bedroom.

Her face was white like a wall when she returned. “You don’t look out of your flat and into my bedroom, do you?” she asked.

“No. I’m not even sure which window is your bedroom.”

She looked at the envelope. “Wonder what this is,” she said before reaching for it.

I leaned forward. “Maybe, you should look at it after I leave, or I can throw this on my way out. There’ve been a lot of post scams running in the neighbourhood.”

“What? Really?”

“Yeah. Let me get this envelope out of your way,” I said before picking it off the coffee table.

“Let me just see what you’re talking about.”

I stood up. “Don’t worry about it.”

“Garth, it’s my mail. Let me see.” My gaze lowered to the floor as I handed her the envelope.

“You lying son of a bitch. What’s this?” she asked, holding up the pictures.


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