Having sex in the same old hole can run its course after a while. It’s normal for couples to desire a new approach to sex. Some choose to have threesomes, and others choose anal sex. Although anal sex remains a taboo topic, surveys have shown that more people are practising and enjoying it. The biggest concern that anal sex virgins have is safety. They’re concerned about getting diseases, experiencing pain and everything else that encompasses it. To help you decide if you should have anal sex or the way to do it so it’s enjoyable, I compiled a list of things to consider before having anal sex.

Vagina vs. Anus

The magic of the vagina is that it produces a natural lubricant when a woman is horny; the anus does not. Not using lubricant during anal sex can result in the tearing of delicate tissue. Needless to say, that’s painful and could lead to bleeding.

The anus and the vagina have muscles that need to relax to ensure comfortable penetration. For the anus, that muscle is the anal sphincter. That muscle needs relaxation to ensure pleasurable penetration and to reduce the risk of tearing.

Anus and vagina have bacteria. Be careful of the bacteria that live in or near the anus. It can spread if you don’t practise hygiene after anal penetration. To prevent infecting the vagina, you should wear a condom during anal penetration and put on a new one before inserting it into the vagina.

The tissue inside the anus is even thinner than around it, which acts as a protective barrier. Since the tissue inside is thinner, it’s more likely to tear as a result of penetration. That increases the risk of transmitting infections.


Apart from bacterial infections, anal sex can also result in sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Some of those include herpes, gonorrhea, HIV and chlamydia. Some disease centres have stated that anal sex carries more risk of transmitting HIV than vaginal or oral sex.

Anal penetration can irritate existing hemorrhoids due to stretching and pushing, but the chances of it causing stretched blood vessels in the rectum and anus are unlikely.

What to Expect from the Experience?

One of the main concerns that people have regarding anal sex is pain. Most people wonder if it’s going to hurt. It will if you don’t take the necessary precautions. Despite taking precautions, you shouldn’t be surprised if your first time is slightly uncomfortable. Before having a penis inserted into your anus, use a small toy to become accustomed to the sensation.

Another concern is bleeding. It’s possible that you’ll bleed during your first time, but that shouldn’t happen during subsequent sessions. If you do bleed later, then you might need to visit a doctor to address an underlying concern.

Believe it or not, some people are concerned about their ability to poop after having anal sex for the first time. It’s a legitimate concern, but it’s not going to affect your bowels. You don’t need to worry about not being able to control bowel movements.

How to Make Anal Sex Pleasurable

Don’t forget the lube. That’s extremely important, and make sure that it’s water-based. Oil-based lubricants can damage latex condoms. Have a washcloth nearby to clean up the excess lube.

I’ve mentioned that you should use condoms and change them if you’re moving from the anus to the vagina. If you’re not going to wear a condom, wash the penis or toy before sticking it into the vagina.

Make sure that you warm up before anal penetration. That could involve foreplay or vaginal sex. That will help the anal sphincter to relax. Once the penis is inside the anus, don’t rush. You don’t have to have earth-shattering anal sex the first time, so slow thrusts and inserting only part of the penis will help. The anus doesn’t have to engulf the entire penis during the first session.

Also, make sure to trim your nails to reduce the risk of tearing the delicate tissue of the anus. Wash your hands and clean your nails after anal sex to reduce the risk of spreading bacteria that cause infections.

Choosing the right position helps to ensure comfort. One of the positions that can ease the penetration is lying on your stomach and having your partner behind you. Doggy style provides an easy point of entry, but missionary can also work. If you are the receptive partner and want to be in control of the depth and pace, then you can back up onto the insertive partner.

Keep it clean. Don’t be surprised if you find poop on the penis or the bedsheets. That’s part and parcel of anal sex. You can use an enema to ensure hygiene, but make sure to clean the anus by washing yourself before and after anal sex.

Can Anal Sex Be Enjoyable?

Absolutely. It can be so great that it leads to an orgasm. Since the anus contains sensitive nerve endings, it’s receptive to sexual stimulation. The partner who inserts will discover pleasure from the tightness around the penis. Men can have an orgasm since anal sex stimulates the prostate gland.

Women might need clitoral stimulation to reach climax, but it’s also important for them to go in with an open mind and rid themselves of fear or shame. Feeling emotionally and physically comfortable is important to get the utmost pleasure.

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