When Americans were surveyed about their sex lives, information about places that people admitted to having sex was discovered. More than half of the participants admitted to having sex outside of the bedroom, and some had answers that may even give you ideas.

It makes sense that people would try to be adventurous about where they are intimate because the feeling of getting caught just makes it that much more fun. The adventurous participants stated that having sex in uncommon places made them feel closer to their partner.

Besides the Eiffel Tower, train tracks and under the stage during a concert, here are some of the weirdest places that people had sex.

Fast-Food Drive-Through

Woah. Talk about ordering a happy meal. They didn’t provide details about this, but I presume that they were going at it while ordering the meal, then carrying on while swiftly moving along to fetch it so that they could finish off their business.

This experience would be ten times more thrilling if they had sex as they picked up the food. You can only imagine the look on the assistant’s face. I remember getting a blow job while ordering room service at a hotel and hearing the desk clerk chuckle on the phone during my heavy breathing.

Election Booth

I guess that’s one way to celebrate casting a vote for your candidate. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t only one person allowed in each booth? If that’s the case, their experience was that much more exciting because one would have to sneak in.

The best part about this story is that the person involved said that they got banged in the ass. I seriously doubt that they could restrain from making some noise.

Dentist’s Chair

Oh, yeah. I can totally picture this one. In fact, I wished it had happened to me. I remember going to the dentist when I started high school, and the doctor was a stunner. She had long black hair, pale skin and perky breasts that she pressed against me as she dug into my mouth.

It felt amazing to lie there and feel those tits on my chest. That was the only dentist appointment I enjoyed. Pity I never went back.


Disgusting. Totally despicable…that I didn’t think of something like this. Instead of mourning, they were moaning. It’s difficult to picture a couple visiting a grave, then all of a sudden getting a kink to do it and going behind a tombstone.

What makes more sense is that they passed a graveyard and needed a place where nobody would see them. That’s one way to liven up a depressing location.

Moving Rollercoaster

Double the fun for one price. Having sex on a moving rollercoaster is really risky as I imagine that one of them would’ve had to unfasten their seatbelt to get into position. Even if they were alone on the rollercoaster, being twisted side to side and upside down posed a tremendous risk.

If one of them hadn’t survived to tell the tale, at least they went out with an epic bang.

Epcot’s Phone Booth

Epcot is a theme park at the Walt Disney Resort in Florida. After seeing the sights, a couple decided to get their freak on in one of the phone booths.

Epcot has red telephone booths like the ones you’ll find in the UK. They’re classic but also confined and designed for a single person, not two to have sex in. The fact that two people could get into a position in such a small space is commendable on its own.

The really risky part was that children are roaming around those booths.

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