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I loved being daddy’s little girl, even though I was in college. Dad and I had always shared a special bond, and he was the last person I would dream of disappointing. He spoiled me with gifts and stood up for me when mom wanted to fight with me. Ugh. She can be such a pain sometimes. Too bad she isn’t more like dad. Having his approval meant everything to me.

I graduated from a Catholic school and attended bible studies every weekend. To be honest, I was bored during most sessions, but I kept going so that dad would think I was his little, innocent angel. He approved of Dwight because his parents were also highly religious and respected in the community. Dad also knew that Dwight was a virgin who would stick it out until marriage.

Dwight must’ve thought that I would wait until we tied the knot to seal the deal, but that just wasn’t me. I had never cheated on him, per se, but I did meet a few guys during the last spring break. I mean, come on. Who doesn’t let loose and have a bit of fun during spring break?

Maybe I had a bit too much fun. That was my third time to get wasted badly, even though I promised myself that I’d change. I had hidden my occasional drinking habit from dad and the fact that I made out with three guys during spring break. One of them rubbed my pussy as our tongues slithered against each other. The second guy grabbed my ass and pressed his chest against mine so that he could feel it.

A part of me felt bad for doing that because Dwight was such a nice guy, but I couldn’t help myself. When I was letting go and having fun, I felt like I had freedom. I wasn’t trying to be someone I wasn’t. It’s like I was living the life that I wanted, not the one that dad had expected of me.

There was no way that I could handle seeing the disappointment in his eyes if he found out that I wasn’t as innocent as he wanted me to be. That’s why it was best for me to carry on living it the way he wanted. I have to admit that it wasn’t easy. Since that spring break, I hadn’t done anything crazy, but I can’t say that I didn’t want to.

Dwight was so sweet for buying me flowers every other week and taking me out to dinner, but I wished that he would take me to a hotel room and just bang the living crap out of me. I guess I couldn’t expect someone as pure as him to do something wild like that, but just thinking about it made me horny.

My car had given me hassle for the last few weeks. I didn’t think much of it first because the jerking was slight and intermittent, but the problem got worse.

On my way to college in the morning, I saw smoke coming out of the bonnet. I frowned. “What the hell?”

I pulled over to the side of the road, saw my temperature gauge rise, then got out and saw water leaking. I closed my eyes, and my lips parted as I craned my head up. No, no. Not now. Why is this happening to me?

I looked at my watch and saw that I was going to miss my test. I clenched my teeth and kicked the tire. “Stupid car.”

Cars drove past me, but nobody stopped. I figured that everyone was in a rush to get to their destination as I was.

I rubbed my forehead and paced as I dialled a mechanic. “Hi. My name is Petra. I’m stuck on the side of the N1, by the mint. Can you help me out?”

“Sure. I’ll send my driver to tow you back to the shop.”

“What? Can’t you come here and fix the problem?”

“I’ve got customers coming in that I have to attend to, not to mention the cars in the workshop I have to fix.”

I sighed as my gaze lowered. “Fine. Just get here as fast as you can.”

The driver came forty minutes later. He apologised and said that the traffic had delayed him. I got into the truck with him, folded my arms and kept looking out of the window as we drove to the workshop.

At the workshop, I stood next to the truck, arms crossed and frowning, watching them lower my car onto the ground.

A man who looked like he was in mid to late forties approached me with a smile. He had brushed his brown hair to the side and folded his sleeves to his elbows, revealing the oil on his arms.

“Hi. I believe you’re Petra,” he said.


“I’m Leon. Sorry, I’d shake your hand, but they’re a bit greasy.”

“How long will it take you to fix my car?”

“We’ll have to inspect it, but by the looks of it, we’ll need to replace your cooling system.”

“So, when?”

“Probably, tomorrow. We’ll order the parts today, receive it tomorrow and sort it out then.” I gaped at him as he kept the smile plastered to his face. “Sorry for the inconvenience. I wish I could give you a courtesy car, but they’re all taken. I can call a taxi to take you home,” he added.

My shoulders lowered as the last breath of steam blew out of my nose. That was so sweet of him to offer me a ride home. “Thank you. That’ll be nice.”

“No problem. It’s the least I can do for such a pretty lady. I want to make sure that you get home safe.”

Awww. That’s so sweet. Only dad would’ve cared about me as much. I smiled. He reciprocated and held eye contact with me for a few seconds. I couldn’t help but feel aroused by a real man who had the confidence to engage me like that.

“Let me give you my number, so you can call me when my car’s ready.”

“Right. That’s a good idea.”

I wrote it on a piece of paper, smiled at him, then waved over my shoulder as I walked out of the workshop.

I got home and found dad having a meeting with his business partner in the study. “Sweetie, what are you doing here? I thought you’d be at college.”

“My car broke down.”

“Oh, you poor thing. Where is it?”

“It’s in the workshop. Should be ready tomorrow.”

He rubbed my shoulder. “You okay?”

“Yes. I’ll be fine.”

I loved that he was worried about me. He was involved in every area of my life, which was great but had its downsides. It meant that I had to work harder to avoid revealing my true desires and feelings. Dad wanted me to be a lawyer like him, so I enrolled into law, even though I hated it.

“Everything okay at college?” he asked.

“Yeah. Everything’s fine.” I couldn’t bring myself to tell him that I’d missed an important test that could hold me back a semester.

He smiled. “Good. You know I’m counting on you to take over the ranks from me and run the family firm.”

I forced a smile. “Sure.”

He kissed my forehead. “Okay, do dad a favour and let me finish up my meeting.”

As I turned around, my eyelids dropped, and I blew out a silent sigh. Pretending to be someone I wasn’t was exhausting.

The following day, Leon called me. “There’s been a slight delay in the delivery of your parts, but I’ll work on it today, even if it means late into the night. Your car will be ready.”

“Awesome. I’ll pop over later.”

“Do you need me to arrange a taxi for you?”

“No, thank you. That’s sweet of you, but I’ll be fine.”

He called at seven pm again. “It’s ready.”

Night had fallen, and I got to the workshop and saw that the gate was closed. Leon walked up and opened it for me. “Thanks,” I said and smiled.

As we stood next to the car, and he explained to me the problem, I couldn’t help but glance at his chest that bulged from the tight shirt. His hairy arms made him look so masculine, and his deep voice made him sound confident and in charge.

He opened the driver’s door for me and accidentally bumped me, making me twitch and bringing me closer to him. We looked in each other’s eyes, the silence intensifying the lust and sucking us in closer.

Leon grabbed my shoulders, pulled me into him and then shoved his tongue into my mouth. I threw my arms around him and stuck my tongue deep into his mouth. I could feel his boner pressing against me, and I wanted it inside me so badly.

He pulled up my shirt and squeezed my breasts as he lowered his head. I saw that he wanted to suck them, so I unclipped my bra and dropped it on the floor. He ravaged my chest by sucking one nipple, then licking the other while squeezing my ass.

I looked up and ran my hands through his hair. Leon lifted me, and I wrapped my legs around him. He sat me on the bonnet, and I lay back as he pulled my pants down. I opened my legs, and he kissed my inner thighs, then licked my pussy.

My forehead wrinkled as I closed my eyes and moaned. I turned my head left, then right as I clutched a fist of his hair. Leon pulled me closer to the edge of the bonnet, pulled out his dick and then rubbed his tip on my clitoris. God, it felt so good. As much as I enjoyed that, I couldn’t wait to feel his dick inside me.

I grabbed his dick and stuck it in. I wasn’t in the mood for teasing, and my wet pussy needed something hard inside it urgently. He grabbed my waist and penetrated. God, he was so hard, and it felt like he was ramming his entire dick into me.

I shot out several consecutive screams and splayed my arms, feeling the need to grab onto something. He thrust faster, and I rocked on the bonnet as his dick pounced me, slipping in all the way.

Leon stopped and panted as he looked down at me. I peered at him and smiled. He grabbed my ankles and spread my legs wide open, then hovered over me as he penetrated, his sweat dripping on me. I closed my eyes and stretched my arms over my head.

About ten minutes later, Leon stepped back. I figured that he wanted me to get off the car, so I slid off the bonnet. He grabbed my waist and turned me around. I rested my arms on the bonnet and arched my back. Leon grabbed my waist and stuck his dick in me from behind.

My eyelids lowered, lips parted and my mouth dried from his incessant throbbing. It’s like he couldn’t get enough of me, and I loved it. He squeezed my cheeks, parted them, then slapped them. My lips curled as I dunked my head.

After banging me doggy for about ten minutes, Leon exclaimed. “Oh, man. I’m cumming.”

That was the first time I felt a load in me. I’ve got to admit that I enjoyed it.

Leon opened the gate and waved as I drove out. I hooted, then went home. I couldn’t stop thinking about how good he gave it to me and wished that it could happen again. On the way home, a pinch of guilt stung my heart for cheating on Dwight. He was a good guy and didn’t deserve it.

As I thought about it more, he was more suitable for me than Leon. After all, I was only 20, and he must’ve been knocking on 50’s door. Dwight seemed like the right choice.

I tried to forget about Leon, but he kept messaging me the following week and asking to meet up. I lied to dad about where I was going after surrendering to Leon’s charms. Hiding the truth from him had become easier since I had lots of practice.

Leon and I kept banging for weeks.

My semester results came in, and the test I had missed affected them negatively. I shook my head as I thought about my professor’s refusal to grant me a re-test. Another semester added to my studies, and I had to figure out what to tell dad.

If I had told him the day my car broke down about missing the test, he might not have had any disdain towards me. Now, it was too late. I was going to break his trust if I revealed the truth. It was much easier to keep burying it. After all, it’s not like he was going to find out about any of the stuff hidden, and I would remain a princess in his eyes.

The day before the next test, I fell sick. Nothing was going to stop me from writing, so I went to class. My bestie noticed that I felt terrible the whole day and told me to go to the doctor.

I indulged her and went that day. The doctor came back into the office after the examination and said, “I don’t know how to tell you this, but you’re pregnant.”

Oh, God. How am I gonna keep this one from dad?


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