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Zedd tried to get Bianca off his mind by telling himself, ‘That’s my best friend’s girl. I can’t be thinking about her this way,’ but he couldn’t help himself.

Tyler’s heartbeat gained momentum as he thought about going into the field again. For the last three months, he was at home with Bianca. She cooked for him and rode him every morning after they woke up. Her blow jobs were spectacular, mostly because of her plump lips and lengthy tongue.

It was Tyler’s honour to serve his country, but he wished he could stay home for a few more weeks. Feeling Bianca’s soft skin and round ass on his dick at night sure as hell beat having bullets fly past his head.

Zedd arrived at Tyler’s house and greeted Bianca while she washed dishes. She looked over her shoulder, smiled, and her eyes sparkled. As she looked at the sink, Zedd stared at her ass. Her bubble butt was round and tightened her jeans, looking like it could rip them and pop out at any second. Zedd thought about what he would do to her ass if he got a hold of it.

He tried to respect his best friend’s relationship, but there was only so much a man could take.

Tyler walked out of the bedroom.

“You ready?” asked Zedd.

“Yeah. Thanks for taking me to the airport.”

Zedd smiled. “No problem. What are friends for?”

All of them walked out to the driveway. Tyler put his arms around Bianca and squeezed, hesitant to let go. As she rested her head on his chest, he kissed her forehead, then tilted her chin up with his finger and kissed her lips several times.

“Stay safe,” said Bianca.

Tears formed in Tyler’s eyes. He loved Bianca and wanted to marry her and have children with her. The last thing that he wanted to do was be away from her, not even for a day.

At the airport, Tyler said to Zedd, “Look after Bianca. If there’s anything she needs, please help her out.”

Tyler had provided everything for Bianca. She stayed at his house, and he sent her money. Bianca had never worked a day in her life because she always attached herself to a man who would provide everything for her. Tyler was more than happy to do that. The only thing that Bianca would be without while Tyler was away was a dick.

Bianca loved a hard dick inside her. She was a feisty Latina with long, thick brown hair that reached just below her shoulders, and she had a tiny waist and perky C-cup breasts.

Tyler was on the way to the house to check up on Bianca, or so he convinced himself.

Bianca was bending over at the oven, sliding in a baking tray as Zedd walked in. He never knocked when entering the house as Tyler had told him to make himself at home.

She turned around and asked, “Everything go well at the airport?”

“Yeah. I left before Tyler boarded. He said I should come and see you to make sure you’ve got everything.”

Her eyebrows neared as she pouted and stroked his arm. “Aaah, that’s so sweet of you.”

He smiled. “It’s only my pleasure.”

“Can I get you something to drink?”

“Sure. I’ll have a beer.”

Bianca brought one and sat next to Zedd, their legs brushing. She crossed her legs and smiled at Zedd. He smiled at her, then lowered his gaze to her hand as she rubbed her leg. He couldn’t help wonder how they felt.

“Tyler is so lucky to have you,” said Zedd.

Her eyebrows raised. “You think so? Why do you say that?”

“You’re a great cook, and you’re so beautiful.”

Her eyes sparkled. “You think I’m beautiful?”

He frowned. “Of course. Which man doesn’t?”

Her smile broadened as she looked deeper into his eyes. “That’s nice of you to say.”

Silence ensued for several seconds, the tension sucking them in closer. Tyler didn’t know what got into him, but his upper body leaned towards her, and his lips crashed into hers. Her plump lips engulfed his thin mouth, and her tongue sliding over his made him hard.

Bianca reclined on the couch and put her feet on it as Zedd lay on her, holding her thigh. He lowered his lips to her neck and reached for her tit with his left hand. Tyler squeezed it, making him even harder. He nudged his dick against her groin, and she moaned.

He sneered, eager to stick his dick inside her so that he could see her reaction, not to mention feel her pussy.

She ran her hand under his shirt and over his back, then lowered it to under his jeans and squeezed his ass. Tyler thrust his dick against her groin again, surprising her and making her wince and smile. Bianca was excited to see what Tyler would do to her.

He pulled up her shirt and glared at her tits, craving for a taste. Tyler unclipped her bra and dropped it on the floor. He smiled as he looked at her delicious nipples, then lowered his lips to one and sucked it. She moaned and rubbed his back as his tongue wagged on her nipple, making it hard and moistening her pussy.

Tyler unzipped her jeans, stood up and then pulled them off. He looked at Bianca’s lacey black panties before pulling them off. She was shaven, just the way Tyler liked it.

Bianca sat up and pulled down Tyler’s pants, then whipped out his dick. Tyler’s eyes closed as she wrapped her lips on his tip, then slid her lips further down. Her tongue moistened his dick, and her plump lips made him harder. He put his hands on her head and raised his chin, feeling every stroke of Bianca’s lips as she bobbed back and forth.

After the blow job, Bianca’s knees dug into the couch as she rested her arms on the top of the backrest. Tyler stood in front of the couch and tapped his dick on her ass, eager to stick it inside her pussy. He admired the sight for a few seconds, then smacked her ass.

Bianca jiggled her ass, looked at him over her shoulder and smiled. Zedd clenched his teeth, then squatted and bit her ass. She moaned and said, “You want that ass so bad, don’t you?”

He stood upright and said, “I’ve been waiting too long for this.”

She grabbed her cheeks and parted them. Zedd stuck his dick into her pussy, then ran his hands up her back and clutched her shoulders. He couldn’t believe that his dream had finally come true. Bianca’s pussy was exactly how he imagined it—tight and wet.

As he thrust, Bianca’s head jerked up. He smacked her ass three times, leaving a handmark on it. He looked at it and smiled, feeling proud of himself that he would leave his mark on her. It was a sick game in his head that he played whenever he was with a woman.

He raised her right leg and penetrated faster. Bianca shot out several consecutive screams. Zedd was hitting the spot just right. He let go of her leg, then smacked her ass and thrust faster. He was drilling her quick and hard. She loved his energy and the feeling of his girthy dick in her.

After being banged in doggy style for a while, Bianca flipped over onto her back and raised her legs to her shoulders. Zedd hovered over her as he stuck his dick in, and his legs straightened and heels pressed against the coffee table while he looked down at Bianca. She smiled at him, then her forehead wrinkled as he pounded her.

Her moaning got louder and eventually evolved to screaming as Zedd gave it his all. She rubbed her clitoris as he continued the vigorous penetration, and she grimaced and shot out screams as she came.

Bianca was so wet that it made Zedd climax, so he pulled out his dick, and Bianca got on her knees in front of him. He moaned as he came on her face. She licked the remaining cum off his tip, then went to the bathroom and wiped the cum off her face.

She walked Zedd to his car and hugged him before he drove off.

Although both of them were satisfied, Tyler felt like his world was turned upside down. He had watched them have sex through the window without them knowing.

Before he left the house, he felt that he had forgotten something but couldn’t put his finger on what it was. At the airport, he realised that he had left his military id at home, so he returned to fetch it.

He took deep breaths to calm himself and prevent a panic attack while coming to terms with what he had witnessed. He couldn’t believe that his best friend and the woman he was planning to propose to would betray him.

Tyler was so confused that he didn’t know what to do.

A month had passed. During that period, Zedd and Bianca had sex regularly. Tyler called her and told her that the military had given him the weekend off, and he wanted to visit her. Zedd had already paid for their flights and accommodation to Alaska. Bianca loved nature and snow. They were going to spend the weekend at a cottage having sex and skiing when they got a chance. She told Tyler that she was going to spend the weekend at her family’s house for her mom’s birthday.

The following Monday, Bianca received a call from Tyler’s commander, who told her that Tyler was shot and needed surgery. He said that the surgery would be complex and that the best doctor in the US was prepared to operate on him. The problem was that the military could cover only a portion of the hefty price tag. They needed $50,000 from Tyler’s next of kin.

Bianca broke down in tears. Although she cheated on him, Tyler held a special place in her heart. After all, he looked after her and provided everything she needed. A part of her was also distraught at the prospect of not having him take care of her.

But mostly, she felt guilty for what had happened to him. If he had come home, he wouldn’t have been in the field and gotten shot. She felt responsible for his condition. Zedd also felt a pinch of guilt for what they had done. Besides, he still considered Tyler as his best friend, so he sent the money. He was a successful stock trader, so he had quite a bit of money.

After Tyler’s operation, his commander called Bianca and told him that it was successful, but they had to discharge him from the military because he would never walk again.

Bianca had left the house before Tyler arrived. She didn’t have the courage to look him in his eyes after what she had done.

She moved in with Zedd, and they visited the same cottage in Alaska often. After a few months, Zedd decided to buy it for her.

He completed the transaction with an agent, but he wanted to meet the owner. The real estate agent had set up a meeting at the cottage the following day.

Zedd waited outside for a few minutes after the scheduled time, then thought that the seller wasn’t going to show up. He had the keys to the cottage, so he unlocked the door and walked inside.

His eyes widened, and his mouth slacked open when he saw Tyler sitting in the lounge.

He chuckled and frowned in confusion, then said, “Tyler. What are you doing here?”

“I came for the meeting.”

“What meeting?” Zedd connected the dots. “Are you the seller?”

He nodded. “Yes.”

Lines appeared on Zedd’s forehead as he thought about how that happened. “What a coincidence.”

“Not really. I planned it like that.”

“What do you mean?”

“You see, Zedd, I knew all along that you and Bianca were cheating.” Zedd wore the deer-in-the-headlights expression. “I’m disappointed in you, buddy,” the last part was said with sarcasm.

“I’m sorry.”

“So am I. But you see, I wasn’t going to just walk away from it. I had to get my revenge.”

“What do you mean?”

“I got one of my military buddies to pose as my commander and call Bianca to tell her about my incident. To be honest, I didn’t think she would come up with the money, but she did thanks to you.”

“You gotta be joking?”

“Nope,” said Tyler as he stood up and then walked towards Zedd.

A lump formed in Zedd’s throat, believing that Tyler would hurt him. Zedd might’ve been the one with brains, but Tyler had muscles and combat skills.

“I had been keeping my eye on you two,” continued Tyler. “And I saw that Bianca was in love with this cottage, so I knew that she’d eventually ask you to buy it. Because what Bianca wants, Bianca gets. Then again, you know that. So I used the money you sent me to buy this cottage; then, I sold it to you at a premium since I knew you’d do anything to please Bianca. I will admit that her ass had quite a spell over me, too.”

“I can’t believe this. You tricked me.”

“You did it to yourself,” said Tyler as he patted Zedd’s shoulder. “Just remember that bros should always come before hoes.”

Tyler walked out.

Several months later, Tyler heard that Bianca had left Zedd and kept the cottage.



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