Many men have fantasised about having a one-night stand with a woman, and some have managed to get it right. Whether deliberately or subconsciously, they took certain steps that ensured their success. Taking those steps every night won’t ensure a one-night stand, but it definitely will increase your chances. So, what should you do to get closer to that goal?

Go To The Right Place

Looking for a one-night stand at a library is like looking to buy bread at a car dealership. Sure, it can happen even while you’re walking to your car in a parking lot and a stunner walks past. But we’re looking for target-rich environments, and places where women are in the same mindset as ours.

Go to nightclubs and bars. That’s where you’re likely to see many women looking for a good time. Not all of them are looking for a hook-up, but they’re open to ideas. The other thing that you’ve got going for you at a club is that most people are drinking. Women tend to loosen up after a few drinks, and it doesn’t hurt that they start shaking their ass when their favourite song comes on.

Night parties at the beach or even casinos are good places. Some women are gambling alone because they lack entertainment. If you can provide good company, who knows where it could lead?

Don’t Rush

You’ve met her and been in conversation for a few minutes. She’s shown signs of interest. What now? Attraction isn’t enough for you to take her out of the venue and back to your place. She has to feel comfortable around you. After all, you are a stranger and the world is a dangerous place. You’ve piqued her interest, so now it’s time to show her that you’re not a creep.

You build comfort with her by getting to know her and revealing a bit about yourself. Don’t give her a rundown of your entire life because you want to leave some mystery, but it must be enough for her to see you’re a cool guy. Every once in awhile, refer to her by name. You’ll be surprised as to how important that is to woman. It shows you care about her as a person and that you’re not just out for a lay.


The chances of a woman walking out with you when she’s with her friends are slim to none. She doesn’t want her friends to think that she’s a slut, and you two will struggle to build a solid connection if her friends are interrupting or eavesdropping. You need to be with her, preferably in a quiet place where you’re out of her friend’s sight.

Another big reason to isolate her is so that you can build up to the sex. That means moving physically in stages. A woman is not going to have sex with you if she hasn’t kissed you. She might not let you even kiss her if you haven’t touched her. You can start by holding her hand, then the kiss. When should you hold her hand and when to go for the kiss? Holdings hands isn’t a big deal once she feels comfortable with you. There are clues like her sitting close to you and holding prolonged eye contact. A kiss will come naturally.

After the kiss, or even before, you can establish a more physical connection by dancing with her. A bump and grind are perfect for that. Start by running your hands on the appropriate parts of her body such as her waist and move down to her legs, then more north once you sense she feels comfortable.

If you get an erection, let her feel it. You can do that by dancing behind her and poking her in the ass with it. A woman who likes you wants to know that you want her, and nothing says that better than a hard dick.

Move Her

Men who are the best at picking up women do one thing amazingly well. They lead. That means showing her the way and moving her closer to the bedroom. You’ll do this once you’ve built comfort and have gotten physical with her to some extent. The more kissing and touching, the better. Not only will that turn her on, but it will solidify the comfort.

You can’t expect her to take the lead. You have to do it as it gives her an excuse to act on her desires. The last thing most women want to feel is that they’re sluts by going home with a guy they met the first night, but her mind will rationalise it as getting lost in the moment if you lead her there. Leading her doesn’t have to mean moving her immediately from the meet location to the bedroom.

Take it one step at a time. The first step could be moving her from the club to outside. You two can sit on the bench together and get more physical. Moving her from one place to another makes her comfortable because she feels like she’s been with you to several places. Believe me when I tell you that the game is played in comfort. That means a woman will more likely share with you personal information and touch you.

A big part of comfort is not judging. Nobody likes to be judged, especially women when they want to have fun. If you met her on the beach, another place to move her could be to your car. You can sit inside and get closer.

Have A Reason To Go Back To Your Place Or Hers

She’s comfortable with you after the physicality, and you can see she’s ready to go back. Now what? You have to give her a reason to back to your place or hers. Even if she hasn’t shown signs of going back to either place, you want to steer her there. You do that by giving her a reason.

Telling her that she’s going to get laid isn’t a good reason. You have to be more subtle if she isn’t making it overtly obvious that she wants dick badly. As an example, if you found out that she’s a photographer, you can ask to see her portfolio. When I met a woman at a lounge who was staying at that upmarket hotel, I framed the reason for me wanting to go back to her room as being curious about how fancy they were because I’ve never had the privilege.

She’s given you information about her while you built comfort with her, so use it. Make sure to stay safe because there’s no party without the balloons.


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